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Have Faith

Have Faith, for This Faith
Includes the Love that brings Healing.

This Faith Recognize
The power of Light to bring the Love
Into the Heart and Restore its Being.

This Faith is Born of Knowing.
The knowing of the Inherent Structure of God at Work
In the process of becoming involved with the Masters
and the Ones Who show the way With those on the path.

And what is Faith but belief.
Because the heart believes in Love.
And the Heart has been touched by this
Lifeline and flame that calls us to believe.

Even when we are in the darkness
The Light redeems us through Faith to find our way home.

So Have Faith.
Have Faith in yourself, and have Faith in God.
Believe in your self enough to find
the Blessings of Love the Lord Brings
To guide us even in the times of darkness.
So we can find the Place of becoming
the Promise we have believed in.
And find the Power of redemption in the Lords great Love.

And let this faith lead you to the Love and Light of God
Who is with you always, even til the end of time.

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Comment by Mary Barkett on June 28, 2011 at 9:25pm
thank-you cindy....that is very comforting...


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