Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

The Next Level of Light

Now the Next level of Light Comes.
Claim this point of Light as your Heritage,
Your entitlement, your entrance to this place of Heaven.

For your Soul is of the Son,
The Radiance of your Being
is born of the Love that is of the Creator.

That very Breath is Your Very Breath.
That very Life is your very life to Live.
That great Love is yours to Be and To know.

There are no limitations in the Oneness of God’s being.
In the Oneness that leads you to where you
can join in The Way, the Truth and the Life.

This is yours to Claim,
This is yours to choose,
And this is the salvation that is your lifeline,
That was given you by God.
Through his merging the Christ and the Love
That is Christ in Man,
Man and God,
God in Man.
It is your Heritage. Your Entitlement.
Your Enlightenment,
And your very Being of Spirit Eternal.
Of Life Everlasting. Of bliss Divine,
And of this Very Moment.
Here in you,
Alive, now and Forevermore,
Be it, Believe it!
And live It in Being it.

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