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Aloha my friends, Full Moon 4/28... Wesak Festival... Let's All Hold Steady in the Light
Morning Message...
Hold Steady in the Light

Hold Steady in the Light,
So you may find the Direct Path to God,

Hold Open the Heart,
So you May be Blessed
with the Love that pours through the Light
to Transform you so You may Become a Pure
channel for God’s Radiant Energy.

Surrender the Fears and Worries,
The pain and Suffering, and be filled with the Truth
That will allow You to See past the illusions of Life.

There is a Moment of Absolute Union with God
That the Masters have experienced and Shared
Through their Teachings.

This Moment is yours to Experience if you so Choose.

And in that Moment of Light
Is the Love of Creation,
That will find a Way to serve all of the World.

So Hold Steady in the Light,
And Hold Open your heart to the Love of God
Which is Here with You Now and Always

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