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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

This Message came to me in regards to if we should be following the Path Of one Teacher...
The Work of the Masters is to Hold
the Highest Frequency of Light
and Allow the it to be brought into
the Heart and Souls of the Ones
on the path to God..

The Intention of the Min to follow
Guidance of a Teacher
Gives a Relationship of the Teachers Light
to the Students path, YES, If asked,

Ask and Ye Shall Receive,
Share the Gifts and Live these teachings
For the Teachers we are in Tune with the
Frequency of Light that is taking us to God...

and this Light Holds the Greatest Love and Joy

It's Power is Truly Transformative.
So Set your Mind on teh teacher who Is your Guide to God.
And Allow Yourself to be Brought to the Seat of the One who is the Teachers Teacher.
The One GOD who Waits for the Remerging of Our Union
with Him and the Universe<

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