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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

The most commonly known beginnings of man include the theory of evolution and the popular tale of Adam and Eve.
We will how ever begin with the conception of child that emanates from the union between a man and woman, the male and female reproductive fluids combine to begin the process of life which takes place within the body of a woman a process known as pregnancy.
Common knowledge suggests that the pregnancy will produce a male of female human child. In rare situations do hermaphrodites come about, even so one of the sexes (male or female) predominates and the presence of the other sex is merely a defect.
However in natural terms this leaves a male and female gender, such is the basic knowledge of human nature.
Here we will attempt to define common features found within human beings both within man and woman, ranging from needs for survival to perceived natural responsibility to self and society.
Between man and woman there is a common need for food, clothing and shelter. And a want for healthy living, an education, and a source of lively hood, that will sustain the basic necessities for life.
Due to minor differences between the male and female gender we will proceed to examine both sexes from individual points of view using physical, social, mental and spiritual stand points as yard sticks for our analysis.

Commonly referred to as the stronger sex of the two and traditionally known to be the head of the family.
Physically man appears muscular, having more facial hair and his reproductive organs appear between his legs. He is dominant maybe because he has less of his physical being to ponder about. Needing nourishment, a healthy well being to operate at maximum, shelter and clothing to cover his naked body.
using natural responsibility man provides the spermatozoa which in union with the females ovum brings about life, and if the male is more in tuned to nature is act as the provider for the entire family consisting of him self the female and the off springs, to provide food clothing and shelter and clothing the naked bodies of the above mentioned. regardless he is naturally free to only be concerned about his own well being alone, this is because he only provides the spermatozoa and the rest of the process of life creation takes place within the female body and after birth she alone has the natural nourishment required to support the infant through early maturity, he can only provide moral support if he desires and sees it as being necessary.
Mentally, spiritually etc the man is more of a freelancer doing as his heart desires, this is not the most popular view of man we are only stating natural facts. Most of mans actions in all are voluntary, physically and all.
Ironically at birth he requires care and nourishment from the female, he is not responsible to her for that given care, but one good turn deserves another and he is best if he returns the love shown him during infancy.

Known more as the care giver and the sustainer of life. a real beautiful site to behold and compassionate, this will be more evident as we analyze her being deeper.
Physically she is beautiful having protruding breasts at the chest region, and curvaceous in physical appearance, her main reproductive organs are located within her body, accessible between her legs.
she bares the brunt of natural responsibility towards life, as we stated above the male provides the spermatozoa which is deposited within the female body and she provides the ovum and other physical as well as other needs required for the growing infant.
Within her body in the womb the fetus grows for nine months till the child is mature enough for birth, after which she also provides nourishment for the newly born child from her breasts. Being closer to the infant child she is better endowed to raise the child mentally, physically and all.
another point to mention here is the involuntary release of eggs that occurs within the female body, commonly referred to as the menstrual cycle, it happens as a flow of blood through the vagina when the egg is not fertilized therefore when she is not pregnant she experiences a menstrual flow, commonly at monthly intervals.
We only state that the female maybe perceived as the weaker sex between male and female for two reasons. One due to the regular monthly menstrual cycle she is more prone to be aware of her physical being and to take more care of her self during such times. Secondly during pregnancy especially at the later stage she can not be expected to operate at full physical capacity because of the growing infant within her body in the womb.
However she is serving humanity through her actions. The menstrual cycle is necessary for the continuation of life and we can not expect that she always be pregnant so it is a very essential part of existence, and when she is pregnant the conception of bringing about life is achieved and makes the whole process worth while.
Regarding natural responsibility the woman is held more accountable than the man because, the man seems to be a contributor, while the woman is the facilitator.
Sexually the man can only be blamed if he impregnates multiple women, while the woman will not only be blamed but will carry the major responsibility of her actions.
Giving birth to new life is a life long responsibility and should be well considered before such an act is carried out.
Having attempted to define the two main sexes of the human race we will proceed to define and explain other factors that affect human life, directly and indirectly and how all the variables to be mentioned can and do affect our existence and the possibility of our continued existence.
these variables include those common to man especially within him, his mind set, spirituality, conscience, individuality, etc to external factors such as society, religion, values, norms, education, health, source of lively hood etc, and nature as the crowning jewel for the existence of all that is possible in life.

Individuality can be closely linked to personal preference and this is a contributory factor to the uniqueness of every individual. Personal preference is the over all view that each person ascribes to all information that has become knowledge, received from society and through inter person relationships. With society we refer to culture, norms, religion, values etc.
Received through the senses and accumulated through time, an individual naturally adapts to circumstances, experiences, norms and values that surrounds one, more influenced by the earlier stages of life. these form the basis for which an individual perceives how to behave/react to both familiar and unfamiliar situations in life and this results in the personality preference of persons and finally becomes identifiable with the individual and hence “individuality”.
Individuality can then be said to be the summation of the personal preference of a person. The main difference that can be attributed to personality preference in men and women can be due to perceived societal roles, but this is rather a complicated issue since every individual is an entity by them self, and is not uncommon to find a female acting as a male and vice versa.
From most of our observation we can deduce that human energy can be divisible amongst physical and mental energies or a mix of the two.
physical energy can be defined as when a human being is more in tune to use his/her physical pros and gains more satisfaction being physically active. This can be through sports, handy works etc.
While some are more physically inclined others are more drawn towards their mental abilities, this is a rather a cumbersome issue to debate on as vast categories of uses of mental energies can be defined. Education can be said to be a starting point for focusing a persons mental capabilities.
A summation of both mental and physical energies tend to have some form of uniqueness to them, and all human beings are capable of exhibiting talents in both, sculpting, artists etc are both a few of a combination of both forms of energies.
We are going through all the above mentioned characteristics/attributes of human beings in an attempt to gain better understanding of what being a human being entails and the perceived responsibilities we can attach to our existence. We believe these discussions will help humanity come up with meaningful methods to continue to sustain our existence in a rather comforting manner and atmosphere.

Now we can attempt to understand inter human relationships.

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