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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

We see abstract man as the mental, spiritual, conscious etc, which can not be physically seen but rather are concepts we have come to accept and adapt to.
These concepts go along way in explaining how we use our senses and most of our mental acts that makes man unique to nature. Most of what we are saying will make more sense when we describe each feature individually.
Being a concept of the brain, the mind is the central learning unit of human beings, this is done in conjunction with the senses and the information they receive from mans immediate surrounding. using sight, smell, taste, touch and the sense of hearing with information received from the society, the knowledge of culture, religion, norms, values etc, man tends to assimilate such knowledge and using a preferential scale can decide on what works for him/her and what we don’t require.
we will later elaborate on variables such as choice, individuality, personal preference, these are yard sticks through which man makes selection of which attributes are attractive to his/her personality.
The mind is the central unit which computes and works out the eventual actions that we display. From birth the mind can said to be clear and becomes a summation of all that is learnt as one tends to grow and experience in life.
The existence of choices in life makes the workings of the mind rather complicated, this also brings the existence of the conscience into being, and the conscience being the measurement of the desires of mans heart. choices consist of good or bad ones, negative or positive, right or wrong choices, giving this and the information received from society especially, norms, values, culture, religion etc one makes decisions and an eventual choice is made. We suggest that the early stages of life impact greatly on the individuality and personal preference of an individual.

The conscience is the main attribute of choice and we mentioned earlier choice comes about due to the existence of positive and negative forces,
To define the conscience we will need to interrelate all the mentioned abstract attributes of man.
We stated that the conscience physically is attached to the heart and it works from the summed up knowledge of the mind, due to the existence of choice the conscience serves to balance the two opposing forces of choice, good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative. New life happens at birth with a clear mind and birth is accompanied with a spirit and a soul. The spirit can be said to be the carrier of life, while the soul is life in it self, the spirit can be affected by life but the soul remains and only acts as a catalyst/recorder of life. The spirit attains the power of change and can be good and bad and some instances remain permanently stained.
with this we can say the spirit serves as a cup and the conscience provides the liquid if the choices made are mostly one sided the cup can be filled with good or bad, and constant bad can fill the spirit with bad, but we suggest that every good reduces the bad in the cup and vice versa, we would wish that perfection could be achieved, maybe that is good only filling the cup, but what exactly is perfection and how can it be measured.
The choices man makes is the key element that makes or breaks a person and the conscience is the major tool which we can say brings the desired choice to light, not forgetting that mans immediate society and values, norms, culture, tradition as well as early care received at infant life go a long way in determining the choices we make.

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