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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Something or someone is faulty, blemished, undesirable, or incomplete

When we judge another by what we define as imperfect we are really judging ourselves, for the world is a mirror to us showing us our fears, insecurities, and what we judge as imperfect. Broadcasting negative thought patterns to another seems innocent, but we all know thought creates. So, whether we speak it out loud or not, there is power in what is in our mind and heart. I believe this is what is meant in the Bible when it is written, “judge not unless you be judged.” For when we judge the other we in turn have judged ourselves. Judgment weakens the energy field in the other and for ourselves. When the energy field is weakened we loose spiritual power. Power to create, manifest and to heal.

i.e., If every time you were near a person who was diagnosed with cancer and you go into fear around them, or make a judgement that this is bad, or they will die, you project this onto the other and weaken their system, but you also carry this fear into your cells. Fear attracts fear.

In her public access TV special “ Everyday Grace”, Marrianne Williamson says, “that when we judge we prevent miracles from happening in our lives”. With cancer or any other disease there is always a miracle waiting to happen.

When we orchestrated our life before we came to earth many of us chose lives of challenge, sacrifice, or to fulfill a karmic agreement . A life that looks imperfect to us may indeed be perfect. That life is exactly what the soul wanted to experience. Marrianne Williamson also says, “we judge what we are ignorant of.”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we all want to move toward what attracts us and brings pleasure. But we are far to often ready to judge a book by its cover, in doing so we miss the real Pearl inside. i.e., Susan Boyle and Kari Callin. Wow!

Our greatest contribution to each other is to look beyond, the physical and circumstances and go deeper within to find the perfection.

Michelangelo the Italian Renaissance sculptor, would chip away a massive slab of marble patiently waiting for the image inside to be born. He did not force it to be what he wanted it to be, but allowed what was within to come forth into expression.

When we see the beauty in others they begin to see it in themselves, and then they blossom before our eyes. Maya Angelo, said, "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

When we see those who are challenged, who have so little, and live a life of alcoholism, bless them. What courageous souls to have made these choices. Some people may say they are losers, cast outs and throw away’. How do we really know that, what if they are really wise old souls who have come to teach us humility, and compassion.

We have chosen to be here on earth, to live this life, in that I believe we should always strive to create the best we can, to be all we can be and to only let go, not give up, when we are at a cross roads , feel stuck, confused, hit bottom, feel faulty, blemished, undesirable, or incomplete, then we are in a place of surrender called grace. When we are in this place of Grace, Divine assistance is given to us for our (rebirth) starting anew. In this place all is in a state of perfection. Out of this so called imperfection and suffering miraculous healing and awakening unfold.

Nameste~ Charlene

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