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A friend read my blog “ Imperfection” and said , “ it is impossible not to judge.” He felt that this message may make some feel guilty because they don’t live up to those standards of perfection and or wont agree with what was written.

It has never been my purpose to set out to cause another to feel guilty. How people react or respond to what I write can be revealing and healing for them. Either way, if people like the message and find it useful or if they don’t like the message and don’t fine it useful, it offers an opportunity to heal.

I write what I write because I am guided to do so and the ideas flow through me. I write because it is my passion to express myself. It has been my honor to be a messenger for so many people through my blog, web site, writing my book, public speaking or as a consultant. When I speak or write it is healing for me and hopefully for another.

Now, lets take a look at judgement. On one level, it is the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions.

We all appreciate beauty in different ways. We like certain careers, cars, houses, clothes. places to live or visit, and certain people. Consciously and unconsciously we are drawn to these. Because there is so much to take in and choose from and we can’t take all of it in, although some try, we are selective of, again, consciously or unconsciously, what most fits the path we are on, and what will help us to accomplish what we have come to do. Therefore judgement in this sense is good.

Yet, on another level, sometimes it appears we had an error in judgement. That person, place or thing was not what we had perceived it to be. Then in the future we may reserve judgement until we gather more information.

If you are like me and love people, you probably delight as I do in watching and observing people. In airports, parks, or gatherings, wherever. When I do, I learn so much, for it is as though they are all on a stage acting out some ritual or message for me. Sometimes they reflect my mood, or help to change it. Sometimes I feel too much energy and leave to regroup within myself. Other times they pass by me to quickly to register and imprint a message, other times I notice a posture, a smile, a particular outfit or characteristic. At times I observe them as though they were in slow motion. I see their energy pushing, grabbing, clinging, repulsing, rushing all in an effort to come and go to their destiny, When I am able to slow down ,get calmer inside myself I hear the sounds of these comings and goings like swarming bees. Observation can be great fun.

But, what if in my observation I saw an action from one person that appears harmful to another. Then I may make a judgement that this is “wrong”, and I may intervene or call for help. That moment I came to some conclusion, had an opinion and acted upon it. In those times I believe these to have been good judgement calls. Like anyone else I can miss the mark, read the cue incorrectly and what I thought I observed was not so.

As an Intuitive Life Consultant, I act as a messenger for my clients. I share with them what I am perceiving. In a way I am judging what I am receiving. Not so much as “good” or “bad”, but pointing out something the client may have missed or has not been ready to see, or was totally unaware of. In my judgement or interpretation there have been times when I may have missed the “real” meaning that came through me. I then have miss judged. This is another example of judgement.

Finally, it is the sitting in judgment, assuming the right to judge someone, esp. in a critical manner. To pass judgement, as a way to feel better about oneself, to put one down. Where judging cn be useful is where we are willing to be part of the solution, instead of part of the problem, that is what I was addressing in the blog “Imperfection”

The prayer of my heart is, “God, awaken me to who I really am” and help me to see that in another. I want to be aware when I am judging someone or something. I want to ask myself, how does this serve me, what is this about for me, what is this judging telling me? When I can be honest with myself. A healing and release through this awareness opens doors for new thinking and understanding.

Nameste~ charlene

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