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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

My dear friends,
The news below relate to the people who care about the Earth's and Man's ecology, so I thought they might be interesting to you.

1. For natural healing followers we have just launched a new product line: Honey bee products - bee pollen, propolis, bee bread, comb cappings, royal jelly, etc.:
2. For organiс gardeners we present Bio fertilizer Baikal EM1 based on Effective Microorganisms technology which is totally natural and environmentally friendly. It increases crops productivity by 2-3 times and restores the soil:
3. Some useful info in addition to the Russian flat-cutter (Ploskorez Fokina) article:
4. In conclusion we want to kindly remind you that Eco-minded Club website has a special page where everyone can leave their feedback or a critical note about our service: . )))

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