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Hi everyone,

May today and all your days to come be filled with blessings of light, love and joy!

I have been spending most of my time lately giving Native Canadian cultural teachings to elementary school students, performing healing songs all over the place and giving Sing Your Self Alive teachings to women.

Something very exciting happened for me at one of the school assemblies on June 21st, Summer Solstice, World Peace Day and National Aboriginal Day (in Canada).

As I was about to sing a water healing song of mine called Crystal Clear, I reached for my drum. In just a few seconds, I received a vision I was to share with the children. I had already done my usual, asking them to pray for the water as if it were already crystal clear. But this vision was very specific.

I saw all of us outside in that circle on the grass, as we were, with glowing columns of light pouring down our spines and through our feet into Mother Earth, reaching the core of her, where the light expanded and came back up through the Earth to us, extending far enough to cover the atmosphere and then even beyond.

I realized that the light was intermixed with pure water droplets. When the light-water reached as far as it could go, it became like a mist that then sort of rained very softly upon us and all life on Mother Earth.

All of this I saw in just a few seconds. Excitedly, I said to the students, "You all have great imaginations, am I right?" They all lit up and smiled and said a big hearty "YES!" So I told them to please imagine pure glowing light going down their spine, through their feet and down to Mother Earth's core, and then back up. I told them this would help heal the water and Mother Earth. They were so willing and I could really feel the energy going around the circle and being fed to Mother Earth. The power of our young people!!!

The day after, I was compelled to create a video with my water healing song and a sort of meditation based on that vision, to help heal the waters within us and all around us everywhere.

Here is that video:

Please share widely and let yourself really open to its medicine. We are all conduits of healing energy, if we let ourselves be.


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