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Just Love


In the Battlefield of Ego vs Love,

Ego may win the Battle But Lose the War.

Ego demands to Have its own way,

And with each demand defends and builds

A case as It grows stronger and stronger in its defense

and justifications, While Love and Compassion loses,

And with each loss, the soul is pushed away,

And a way to a true lesson in Understanding

and solution that benefits all is lost..

The deepest part of our Soul knows

 the love within Us and the Others

And would Find a solution with Love.

While ego would build a Barrier,

And demand more and more.

While all the time Love waits

Knowing ego just needs to be loved.

And While rejecting Loves Solution

Ego seeks to control.

While Love works in an open equal

Field of God’s presence.

 Love does not control,

For Love is a power beyond control.

While Ego needs to be Right, Love is right.

While Ego Separates, Love joins and unites.

While Ego tears apart Relationships, Love waits to build and prevail.

Love is the Greatest Force that has come to humankind.

It is timeless and eternal,

While ego never Lasts past the last breath taken.

When there is a choice to make, ask yourself, Am I take this personally,

Do I wish to choose Ego or Love.

And just choose Love.

And when Ego Screams “ I am Right”,  Just Choose Love.

And when Ego Blames and builds a case, Just choose Love.

For every Choice for Love is a choice for Good, a Choice for God.

A Choice to Be love, and Live with Love.

And this is the Greatest Gift that God Has Given Us.

The Eternal, timeless Gift to Just Love.


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