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Song of Spirit


Breath of Life bring my Soul to Me.

Let your very Presence

Be carried to my being,

Carried on the Song of Spirit


Let my heart be lifted High

Into the Light of Creation.

Let me embrace my entire self.

So that I can reflect your making.


Song of Spirit,

Sing to my soul.

Fill me with your Presence,

Song of Spirit whisper the words

That tell me of your essence.


Let the breath of God fill my Life

And merge with the place I dwell in.

Bring all of your Heavenly Grace

Into this paradise on earth you Given.


Let me hear sweet Heavens Song.

For we need to lift our hearts up.

The world is weary and it seems sometimes

We can drift into depression.


Come to us as rainbows do.

Come to us as the Clouds that Fly.

Inspire us with your sweet, sweet Love,

That God’s Dove carries cross the Sky.


Song of Spirit sing strong and clear,

And With your Song the Blessings we’ll share.

We welcome the gift of the blessings it seems,

Song of Spirit it’s God’s Love you bring.

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