Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Spirit, Holy Spirit


The power of Spirit is far, far Greater than you know.

For the Spirit can bring the Soul’s force into activation.

It can enlighten and bring the mind a way to comprehend

The Miracles that are always at work in our lives.


It is the nature of the mind to limit,  and disbelieve

As it seeks to control and define its perceptions,.Yet, here the mind must be inspired by the heart to be lifted to a new understanding

Of the eternal nature of the Holy Spirit.

Spirit carries the wings of the Dove Across the universe

To be with you when you call in the silence of the Golden dawn.

The Holy Spirit is from God’s essence and is alive in the Holy hallways of heaven, yet can dwell with you here on earth.

And Spirit will carry you soul forth when your time on earth is done.

And it is Spirit that will guide you to your new dwelling place in heaven.


So call upon the Holy Spirit, and Believe in the Unlimited power that comes from this amazing Presence,

That brings you to new possibilities and attunes you to  the highest

Vibration of the music of the Spheres and the Song of Life.

A song that is in your heart and soul and carries a grace beyond comprehension.

Let this Holy spirit find a Home in your Heart, let your mind allow it to Speak to you and Listen to the Wisdom of Spirit,

Breathe it in and Know the Blessings of Spirit in your Life.

Be Inspired, believe, and reduce the negative Boundaries of limitation that Block Spirit in your Life.

For Spirit does hear your Souls’ Call.

Yet needs to have a  place open for you to receive it’s anointing of this Pure Energy within your life.

So bless the Angels, that carry the Holy spirit of God’s Love,

Bless the One who carries the Love of God’s blessings,

The Christ that is God’s Inspiration, and who can reveal to us the Way , the Truth and the Life., and who holds the Dove of Spirit in His hands

And offers it to you if you just Believe. For if you just invite the Holy Spirit into your life the Blessings of God’s Gift of Holy spirit will be with you. So be it, Live it, Give Thanks for it, and so it is.


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