Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

In the Silence beyond the Silence,

Deep within the Soul.

the Spirit holds the Light out,

And the Place of Secrets shows,

That everything we’ve learned

Must now come into play.

It’s time to Live the Inner life

In every waking day.

The world needs every Prayer

And everyone of truth,

To step up to the Way

We can bring God’s Love into what we do.


Everything that‘s done to help

can bring God’s Love to you.

If you’ve got it in you Bring it out.

Leave no secrets,

For those days are through.

What you are just bring to life.

It’s time to finally see

We need to bring all that we are out

And finally let it be.


Become the living Glory

And let your soul set you free.

Don’t let your life

Be in the sidelines

Of the game of Life that’s Played on Earth.

It’s time to fulfill your destiny

And find out what it’s worth.


Let the Miracle of Life

Bring the Lord of Love to you.

And let this be in your heart and soul

In everything you do.


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