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Know about this unique salt substitute

      The story of creating this unique seasoning begins, when a  famous Moscow restaurant chef got in a hospital with a heart attack, where he was prescribed a salt-free diet.
       Food without salt appered to be a hardship for him, all food  seemed bland and completely tasteless. Therefore, when he got back from the hospital, he began to try combinations of various spices, which our brain perceives as a taste substitute for salt.
       By trial and error, he determined that garlic, onion, cumin, coriander, black pepper, fenugreek, dried champignons and mustard change the taste of the food so that it no longer seems bland and has a very pleasant taste. 
       After a month, he compound a mixture with optimal proportions of all the spices and began to regularly use the seasoning instead of salt.
       Of course, it is almost impossible to completely exclude salt, since salt is a part of many daily foods, such as bread. But we can reduce our normal intake from 5-6 to 1-2 grams per day.
       After a year of regular use of this seasoning, our chef noticed that his general health improved significantly.
       Ready-made powder-like seasoning has a strong smell of spices, but practically does not have its own taste. 
Its essintial feature is that it gives a pleasant taste to any dish and no sodium glutamate is needed for this. And if there is a small amount of salt in the dish (much lower than normal), this seasoning enhances the taste of the dish so much that it tastes more salty than it actually is.

       The seasoning ingredients:

* Dried onion powder
* Fried/dried onion powder
* Black peper powder
* Mustard seeds powder
* Coriander seeds powder
* Cumin seeds powder
* Dried garlic powder
* Hay grass (Shambala) seeds powder
* Dried mushrooms (shampignons) powder

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