Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

For now the place is set for the Lord to live in your heart.

The Christ Consciousness in spirit can be held

In the hearts and souls of all who choose to love as I love

And to Believe in me with all of their Heart and soul.


So this is yours to hold,

This is yours to believe,’

I am with you always

I am alive in the light that you hold

In the very center of your being.


 I am here so you can find me within you,

I am here so you can feel me within the love you give,

And the love you receive I can feel as mine I give.

I am in the network of all

who hold the energy of Gods’ Light in their souls

And God’s Word is spoken through me In the language of Love.

And in the true understanding that transforms the world.


So make a space for me to dwell within your heart.

Let the Power of the pure light of God

Flow through you to beicome the energy that I am into Being.


You have been called, and now you hear the voice of the Calling.

You have sought to find me and now you have found

The truth that I am within you.

The doorway is opened, the way has been cleared,

and the path has been found.

For I am the Way , the truth and the Light alive in your life as Love.


Live in a way that honors me.

Believe with all your heart and soul and through me it shall be.

Forgive the past mistakes for it was all part of the path that led you here.

Rejoice now in the birth and rebirth

 that is my eternal spirit that never dies.

Believe and as you believe it is so!

And so it is, Thank you God.


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