Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Stop and Be Still

And in this now moment Behold the Glory of God and Creation!

Behold the exquisite beauty that the Miracle of Life expresses as Love

Open your heart and feel

The love that is there for you to find.


Open you mind and let the light that feeds the sun

And the world in all its glory Shine through you.


Stop and be still and listen to the millions of sounds

Merged as one, the sound of the Word

That calls to be heard, that sings through this world.


And find through all of this energy

 that is alive here right now in you

the Spirit that holds this life here in form.


And though many can not see, and many can not feel it,

through the shadows that the illusory dreams  hold,

still always on this Journey there is a moment

where you can stop and behold this energy life holds.


For within every living being there is an answer

to the calling , the seeking , the finding

the path and the way.

Life is here waiting to be experienced

As you choose to live it and learn from it.


Embrace your life, and live each moment with the Love

Born with the miracle of each breath.

And find a way to  stop and behold

the blessings of this precious spirit here in form.

and be grateful for the path

 and the way that the Miracle of this journey unfolds.


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