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Lush Eden

I had my own wee garden, where grew the most lush and sweetest tomatoes on the vine.

Amazing it was to witness the sun shine its Divine rays of Love into the misty quiet hours of the summer morning where time seemed to stand still for just a little while.

The voluptuous tomatoes with their delicious fresh scent filled the air. The left-over dew drops from the cool of the evening before, sparkled with violet light and garnet crystal shimmer.

Green ones and ripe, I would inspect them all for their perfectness

then place them in a wooden basket. With a breath deep into my soul

the fresh moist air embraced the senses with all the sounds and smells of the wondrous summer morn.

Filled I was with great gratitude for these special moments shared in my garden with glorious Mother Nature.

The tomatoes once washed, would be placed whole and still on the vine in the little deep freeze to ensure that there would always be fresh tomatoes in my little larder.

The series 'Lush Eden' celebrates with honor and gratitude our Loving universe for providing the healing rays of sun that make nature’s gifts grow so abundantly.

Tomatoes on the Vine #1, 20 x 30, oil on canvas 2004.

Private Collection of Pauline and Wilfred Lindsey

Buckhorn Ontario

Tomatoes on the vine #2, 20 x 30,  2004.

Private Collection of the Artist

Green Beans, original oil on canvas,  20x30,  from the 'Lush Eden' collection, 2003.  

For Market

Beet Root,  original oil on canvas,  36x48,  from the 'Lush Eden' collection,  2004.  

For Market 

Cauliflower, original oil on canvas,  from the 'Lush Eden' collection,  24x30,  2004.  

For Market

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Comment by Imelda Maguire on August 17, 2009 at 6:56pm
Hello Annie

Gosh, you are so sweet indeed. I can not even imagine you all were able to make it through that big long burst of what had to be. You are such an inspiring angel Annie.

We are all so blessed to have found this wonderful circle of friendships. I am so very grateful for you all.

There is so much to share.

God Bless you beautiful loving heart my friend.

Comment by Imelda Maguire on August 16, 2009 at 3:35pm
Hello my beautiful friend.

Yes indeed having a garden and partaking in the growth of natural food is indeed a great reward. Being the witness to the bounty of Mother Nature as we tend the needs of the garden are very precious moments in deed celebrating creativity.

I am terrible with the camera Jeanne. That is a wonderful mind to be able to focus on the focus. ~*giggles*~

How nice it is to share these special moments with a good friend. Would be really nice to share your reap over a really good old recipe.

Perhaps someday, we can dream... someday.

Thank you for coming into Lush Eden to share your life with me.

Comment by Jeanne on August 16, 2009 at 12:51pm
Its hard to say what I love most here... the beautiful artistic renderings of vegetables, leaves and stems or the blog describing your relationship with the natural process taking place in your garden. All amazingingly beautiful... and revering the sacred life force.
I love my little garden and feel like a miracle worker to have had a hand in its growth. I don't paint... but I do photograph the growth of the veggies frequently, excited at their progress and grateful for the delicious nutrients they provide. much better than store bought.


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