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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Sunrise and Grapes, original oil on canvas, 36x48, 2004

Private Collection of Laura Saunders

Oshawa Ontario


The Time Has Come

The Gift Of Self

Our Life is a pilgrims progress. Everything on earth continually changes. Does the road go up hill all the way, all the time? Well… Yes!

The time has come to realize that the past has slipped away… melted… fused together with nothingness, into the dark dense shadows of gone-ness forever.

So Be It! This is good.

Things are not always what they seem. If one keeps loving faithfully, the light shall be revealed to them in due time, Believe this Now!… true love is all about practice over time.

When we gaze upon the stars always a wondrous dream magically unfolds. It takes death to reach a star but a whole life to express it. We feel a much brighter sun when we reach up high with our spread-wide fingers to almost touch the light of the heavens or to realize the deep dream that sleeps within us all, that we actually can reach the stars.

When our tender hearts ache the soul desperately seeks. It never finds… but only accepts.

There is nothing more creative on this planet earth than loving all things. It takes great courage to imagine… imagine anything at all in our mind and an even greater patience, determination and a deeper understanding of our true selves to ensure that a dream will come true in the way we truly want to see it become manifest before our eyes.

Live a life of great Passion

Give generously and sincerely whenever you can…whenever you seed a true and real need to manifest before your loving eyes, expect nothing for your unconditional deeds of true love and acceptance for all of humanity.

Judge no-one especially yourself.

Be proud to acknowledge your undying faith. Faith is like a seed, it has to be planted, watered and tended to and protected. Be proud to Live your Life of Love and then give that love freely away to all.

Plant some vibrant cadmium orange poppies and deep blue purple flags along with a feathery white weeping wisteria in a garden, any garden. Plant them close together in your beautiful garden so you can witness them touch upon each other as the breath of the soft, summer breeze whispers it’s sweetness upon their beauty.

Be mindful of the gentle and tender ways of Father - Mother Universe.

Create a healing from within and without for all to enjoy. Enhance not only your world of soul but the heart of all of humankind.

Take the time to simply enjoy a precious, and private moment in timelessness while filling the senses with vibrant color and varied scent. Be mindful of the pale silver dew drops of radiant light that glisten like multi colored crystals in the early morning grey mist as they shimmer on the sensual unfolding gift of a baby bud. Be aware of true self-love and the dreams that have yet to come and that you have already seen come true.

Do you see what I see?

A star, a star… way up in the sky with a voice as big as us all!!!

Come to a place inside yourself where it is enough to live only to dream, where to dream is to live. Think of dreaming as a wrought iron gate with only one side. A gate that you pass through, back and forth. It locks shut only when you are on the side that deems your true reality. You decide, and only then, when the gates will open again and the wind will whoosh through pulling your conscious awareness into yet another state of dream existence where the world is yours and yours is the world. This is where all beings in the entire universe are equal and love rises from every essence of your soul to embrace the heart of the world as no other lover has ever done before.

Live your life to dream the dream of dreams and then dream again to love… and then give it away again and again consciously and with no conditions attached.

The gate to your dreams is forever swung wide to invite your soul to reach up high into the dark night sky just so you can surrender into nothingness with great grace and dignity into the Magnificent gifted face of Love Divine.

The Time is Now

August 10, 1992

The spirit expresses freely it’s life of love like never before.

It is the job of the soul to come to terms with the rites of true forgiveness.

It is the job of the soul to realize this complete Divine expressive connection to the authentic self. Just the mere thought of releasing the weight of unconditional forgiving allows the heart to once more breathe like it has never breathed before, true and clean like the crystal clear fluid that flows from the top of the planet‘s pure mountain springs into the truth of a seekers heart .

There has been a misconception dwelling deep within for a very long time.

It has been believed it is for us to love the universe and surrender the self unto its threshold offering whatever and whoever we are, humbly and lovingly as a servant to the Divine. The world can receive you and devour you with all your precious gifts. The ancient one’s say ‘never lay your precious pearls before swine’.

It is OK to love you, to know you, YOU are untouchably unique.

Be yourself freely and then and only then will the universe be yours. Then and only then can you forgive with ease yourself for the sake of all others… and then… give yourself away again.

It is then in that Divine Moment of satisfied bliss that the earth, the body and the soul, become one.

The Awakening

Be a seeker of truth wherever, whenever that such an occasion might find you.

Be mindful to keep the door to communication open, especially in the face of adversity. Stay true to the loving nature of yourself. Let and allow your own Magnificent Divine power to dominate your action and define your destiny. Know all the aspects of your loving self and love you.

Know you now… and love me… I know you… I love you!

This is the greatest gift of all… the self to the self!

This is the hardest of all of the quests that we will undertake in this life time and the only one that makes this whole life worthwhile!

It is up to us to decide what is right and what is wrong and then stand strong together as one.

Release into the vastness of nothingness the painful memories of the past and be free forever.


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Comment by Jeanne on August 16, 2009 at 12:56pm
This is my favorite painting... the light, the colors, the spatial arrangement... exquisite.

"There is nothing more creative than loving all things. It takes great courage to imagine..."
And your words are like a deep soul massage... Thank-you lovely Imelda.
Comment by Silja Saareoks-Kaldre on June 1, 2009 at 10:01am
I just love it the way the light is braking in! Beautiful.


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