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The Inner Eye, original oil on canvas, 36x48, 1980

Private Collection of Hazel Westwood

Victoria Island, British Columbia 


This work came from a meditation on the 'Kundalini' the awakening self.

I had a dream about the Ancient City of Atlantis falling into the ocean.

The Goddess Horus appeared in a crystal pyramid of the palest green peridot directing the elders to the new land.

I was there when the ancient ones found Egypt.

When I awoke the vision of my inner eye was forever planted in the centre of my forehead.

This is my Inner Eye.


I had a dream!

In 1976 just after my father passed, I had a dream that I had met myself during an initiation of the Ancient Ones of Egypt.

I was cleansed from head to foot this young girl with the dark hair that wore the memory of the patchouli oil.

In the centre of the big pyramid, where the light of the full moon shone its rays through the passage,

I witnessed the approach of the most handsome King. He had been prepared and cleansed as I for this very moment of initiation.

Bare... our awareness humbled our existence.

I trembled... he trembled.
What was expected to unfold was for all of eternity.

The senses were alive yet thought was no more.
We entered each other physically, spiritual, mentally, emotionally. I looked into my Kings eyes and saw myself in Him.
God Divine
We were One

Male and Female equally beautiful, complete and fully conscious of the beingness in Self


My Pyramid, original oil on canvas, 24x24, 1981

Private Collection of John Manning

Curtis Ontario

King (Initiation), original oil on canvas, 25x36, 1982

Private Collection of 

Brye Briggs

Oshawa Ontario


The soul expresses itself through the body. All verbal and physical activity originates as thought within the mind, a faculty of the soul.

Each soul is unique and individual in its experience and is constantly emanating its energy as vibrations out into the universe and to other souls. In it’s pure and original state the soul communicates through these vibrations.

I believe that disease in the body is the direct result of diseased thoughts that have manifested themselves in to the healthy mind. Fear, anger, depression and worry all stimulate the bodily hormone levels therefore contributing to the many varied disease processes.

The original seat of the soul is of pure golden light. It is infinitesimal in size but unlimited in loving qualities of the light vibrations.

When this note was written in my sketchbook I may have changed the words to reflect the message that was lovingly shared from another earth being to reflect my own healing at the time.

I neglected to be mindful of the original author, so I must add now with great regret and respect that this author is now unknown to me. I hope that by adding this line that I pay a most due and humble tribute to the original thoughts of the author or authors for their loving sharing of wisdom which on many accounts helped me in my darkest hours.

I have found that through a very intense search to find an absolute truthful way of communicating with my soul through the art of meditation that the creative faculty of the mind is able to stabilize itself timelessly in its original state of purity, peace, love and happiness. These states of consciousness expressed visually can then in turn be shared with others as a healthy relaxed expression of truth that there is Divineness found within when lost in the moment.


I am a loving soul...I am a point of light... a point of spiritual energy. I am not this physical body. I am peaceful, calm energy.

I am light, so light that I can float as a star, separate from this body beyond this physical world.

I enter a region of sublime golden red light. This is my original home and where God lives and loves my soul my supreme soul my entire history of beingness.

In this my silent home, God as my Father and as my Mother is sending me powerful vibrations that I am then able to express and share this magnificent essence of love and peace with others.

Explore the colors of the chakra centre for healing. Be mindful the whole time of great gratitude for the Great Creators gift of expressive LOVE.

Feel free and unencumbered...allow the creation to birth, then manifest before the centre eye, the inner eye.

Begin a painting or sculpture.

Study from the point of conscious centre within the soul work backwards in the mind thought... slowly to that point of emptiness . Use pure pigment with a transparent medium keeping the strokes circular to define the repeating rhythmic and spiral pattern of life within for the entry back through the empty space of the universe.

Allow the unfolding strokes to manifest the path of unattachment and reveal the heavenly self vibrations of your ultimate soul expression.

Plant your seeds of Light


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Comment by Imelda Maguire on August 16, 2009 at 5:43pm
Hello Jeanne

I am sorry to have taken so long to respond. My beautiful neighbour and friend had invited me to dinner and I most greatefully accepted. A vegetarian meal of freash garden yield that we prepared earlier this day was a true feast indeed.

Again my friend, I am so humbled that you would take such precious time out of your day to come and share my world. It lifts my soul to see that another has enjoyed the mad rantings of my mind. We really are ONE.

This is a celebration indeed for me this day to see that this work has been viewed much more importantly... understood.

God Bless my friend

Comment by Jeanne on August 16, 2009 at 1:00pm
I am in awe of your courage and willingness to share your dream... and the beauty of your soul. Thank-you again and again... I am deeply inspired.


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