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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

On this day 46 years ago a person or persons were involved in ending the life of a man who stood for the exact opposite of what was in their minds and hearts.
The person or persons were full of hate. They were full of fear. They were full of a deep need to try to control things.
Martin Luther King stood for everything they did not want. They did not want people (of any color) thinking all people are equal. They did not want people realizing any problem anywhere is a problem for all of us. They did not want everyone thinking we should and can work together. They thought that change like that would destroy their world.
So they destroyed a man.
A man that did not just sit and think things were what they are so just let it be. No, a man that was willing to look at life ... all life, be it beautiful or ugly... and see what is wrong and then figure out what can be done to fix it and then to carry through with it. A man willing to encourage others to do the same.
They saw that, which was enough of a "threat" to them to justify (in their minds and hearts) his being eliminated, but they also saw the real danger which was his belief that love can overcome hate. And it can not be overstated how dangerous that view is to those that strive to keep things as they are, because if people react violently to a wrong or a perceived wrong it is easy to dismiss them as dangerous people and it plays in the hands of those trying to sway public opinion in the direction of supporting the status quo, but if people strive to open others hearts, instead of reacting with a head on conflict, the people wanting change can win those hearts and change things. And that was the danger of Martin Luther King.
So they destroyed him.
Or, I should say they destroyed his body.
Those with hate, fear and a desire to control can not triumph through their tactics and those tactics can never be of the heart as they are contrary to what the heart is built for which is love, which is concern for others and which is capable of living on long past when a body dies.
Much of what King believed, felt, thought and worked for created much positive change, but there is still much to do and the only way we can honor him and the millions of people either known or unknown that have, are, and will work for positive change is to do what he did. He saw problems and stood up to do what he could and he called on each of us to do the same.
And while he is seen as a "leader" he didn't want people to require a leader before they stood for what is right. He wanted me and you and everyone for all time to be aware and stand when needed. Stand when needed if it's convenient or not. Stand when needed if we are scared or not. Stand when needed if we are alone or not.

I pity those that are like whoever all was involved in King's physical death. They had closed hearts and were full of so much that is the antithesis of what all life should be, but I will not hate them. I pity them and know that there are plenty of those like them today and if I fill myself with hate they have won. I will not let that happen. I will work to be aware, I will speak and stand when necessary and I will do what I can to encourage a society that does not build people that hate and have no value on other's lives. We all need to do that in every aspect of society. Every nook and cranny. In sunlight and the deepest shadows of the world including the worst places on earth and that is in a heart full of hate.

People can change.
Now, that is not to say they should be allowed to run around doing any harm they want unchallenged ... the complete opposite should be done and any and all nonviolent challenges possible need be done to protect life, but the goal is to change them and all others like them, to open their hearts and to have a world where people don't go to a place of hate and fear and unquestioning order following in the first place.

People can change.

The man that wrote the song "Amazing Grace" had been a slave ship captain.
It is hard to find a lower more despicable way to view what one is allowed to do to others. It is sad and pitiful.
But he changed.
He saw his errors and changed.

We all can. None of us are perfect, none are saints and keeping that in mind at all times will help guide us all to a better world.

What King meant when he spoke of seeing what was on the other side of the mountain was that it is there. It is there if we choose to make it happen.

Those poor pitiful misguided souls that were a part of either carrying out or wanting King gone were successful in eliminating the body of a man, but if we choose to carry on what work still needs to be done to change this world into a cooperative, loving place, then they only succeeded in taking a life, which while terribly sad is not the end of a dream and did not and will not in any way stop what they wanted to stop.

Make this world what it should and can be my friends. Don't leave it up to others. Do what you can.

Peace to One and All,

4 April 2014

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