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Need help to launch a music and art site to help me dedicate myself to positive change...

- I am a musician and artist who wants to dedicate as much of my time as possible to helping this world.
- To do that I plan on building a website to showcase and sell my art and music and through that I will be more self sustainable and consequently I will then be able to dedicate more of my time, energy and money to encouraging Peace, Sustainability, Cooperation, Creativity and being Proactive in fixing the wrongs and building a better way for those here now and all the generations that will follow.
- I need help getting the site going. Any and all donations (even $1) help and from the $10 level on up I have where I will send in thanks anywhere from free music downloads to a Skype guitar lesson to free art.
- The site will mean I am able to devote myself as fully as possible to the projects and efforts I have and that are out there to effect positive change.
Please help if you can.
You can go to my site:
Or directly to one way to donate:
Thank you!

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