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This Christmas Gift of Love


Let the love that is in your Heart

Speak to you, in a look, or an embrace,

a breath that takes  you to the  place

that holds the gift of Love’s true grace


For in each Christmas wish there shines a light

a secret hope, a dream can come true

with the magic words of I love you and all that you do

and if this gift from God could come to you

to share this sweet message so old and yet so new

would you believe it really could be

possible for this Gift from God to be received.


let the Love that is in the Heart of God

be what you worship and what you celebrate

and let that Power of Love reach that part

that needs to  heal any hurt hidden in your heart


let the Love that is the greatest Gift be

alive in the love you give this Christmas

and give yourself this love so you can share it too

and so embody the Light of  God in you


Allow yourself to once again believe

And let faith lead you to see the Star that Shines

to the Birthplace of a new and better way to live and be

a way to create happiness as a New World Dream


And you can give love this Christmas

a love that heals, and forgives us,

so we can really  be the  living  love

the greatest gift of Christmas which is free

For if we can just again as a child believe

in the heart of Christmas is the greatest gift we need

Is a love that is the just waiting there inside of you 

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Comment by cindy paulos on November 26, 2012 at 8:30am

Aloha Lorenzo,

Yes, angels are there for us, most always we do not see them,, But I do feel their loving presence.

and I'm always up for a good celebration of light, no matter where. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond



Comment by Lorenzo Abbiati on November 26, 2012 at 7:51am

good almost poetical. thank you again for connecting here my friend.

let's we don't forget angels guide our path everyday not only at Christmas.

but Christmas is not casually located in some countries near the winter solstice...: it's the celebration of light (and not only) in the most dark period of the year!


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