Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

A time stamp


How many steps toward your goal have you taken,

How many countless thoughts have crossed your mind,

How many breaths of Life where you given

Til the time came to finally decide


Is there a lifetime warranty that you took out

To protect you from all that might happen here,

Something that will shield you from the occurrence’s 

that you encounter that have led you to the  decisions you bear.


For on this path of life

You are always given some choices to make

Which way will you go

And what decisions  do you wish to take


Will you stay or will you go

Or are you so distracted with your life

 that you can’t see which path that you will follow

Til you find it’s time to return to the light

To the place you started before you came here to be.

For with every life there is a time stamp

Til your return to the Soul’s pure energy.


In the doing, and the being

It so easy to lose track here

But there is always a shadow from the light of the soul

That waits inside to guide you on the way for you to go.


And there are many reminders, that point you on the way

Til you can find right choices you need to make, Each and every day

And there is the Presence of the teacher waiting that abides

To help you decide which path will lead you to your purpose hidden deep inside


And though we always knew

 that there was a time stamp on this life we made

we seem to want to bargain

on just how long that time will take


and then we come to the Moment in life

where we stand before our soul

and come to terms with what we did

and didn’t do with this life before it’s time to go


And though there might be a time stamp on your life here

It might be helpful for you to know

The presence of God is with you always

And there is no time stamp on your soul.






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