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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.


Thank you

Just a Simple expression of Knowing,

And Acknowledging the Grace it takes to receive

The many gifts God has given to you

In this Beautiful Light the soul Brings


So Be you so full of this energy of God allows you to be

 that all of your life is an expression

of Being Grateful for all of your infinite blessings

and you fall down on your knees


 As you acknowledge and Understand

The very process of giving and receiving

And you  release any hold that may limit

the Breathing in of this abundance if you can


To perfect to limit, to grand to claim for just one minute

But forever and unlimited are the gifts of God

 a Miracle we try to express in love,

by the sharing of this  Light that is infinite


And as we say Yes to Life and celebrate this Amazing Grace

That saves us by allowing us to see the truth

That is alive in us

So we can begin to believe again in the human race


So we say Thank You

A Thank you that is full of all the  Love we are

A thank you for a way serve and bring

these gifts we have been given as some small offering


And we stand on a Mountain top to our find a way

to see the many gifts we have in this life and we praise

God for the  many blessings of Love

and say Thank you on this Thanksgiving day







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