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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Crow guides the magic of healing and the change in consciousness that will bring about a new reality and dispel disease or illness.

The day of my departure for a month long stay in Honolulu Hawaii, I heard a persistent ruckus outside my house. It continued and did not let up, so I pulled myself away from my last minute packing to see what was making this noise.

To my surprise and delight a large cedar tree in my yard was filled with hundreds of black crows, I knew this was a message of some kind for me as this occurrence had never happened to my knowledge on the property or in my life. Once I had acknowledge that the Crows had come for me, they quickly took flight and emptied the tree of their presence.

I came back in the house and searched for the possible meaning of this event. It seems that when Crow shows up in one’s life it is an omen of change. A time to step back from the usual way of viewing reality and look into the inner realms. A time to let go of old thinking and embrace a new way of viewing oneself and the world. The Crow signals that that one has transcended mortal law, and to permit one’s higher self to become you leader.

Crow asks us to be willing to walk our talk, speak our truth, and know our life’s mission, balancing past, present, and future in the now. We are invited to Shape-shift that old reality and become our future self. This message could not have been any truer for me.

For a long time a prayer of my heart has been, “God, awaken me to who I truly am”. I never dream-pt that this prayer would be answered in Hawaii. My reason for this trip was to spend time with a friend, bask in the sun and swim in the ocean, a true vacation. The universe had another reason.

I had the great honor to attend the Unity Church of Hawaii, where my friend was doing her ministerial internship. Through her I met many wonderful people deeply dedicated to walking their spiritual path. I was invited to attend an endeavor group whose focus was on support, encouragement and spiritual growth amongst the staff members.

That night I was asked to share my spiritual journey up to present time. It was never my intention to share with them a secret I had held close to my heart all of my life.

As I spoke my body started to tremble, my mouth felt dry, and tears began to gather in my eyes only to over flow down my cheeks. I heard my self sharing this secret, and as I looked around the room, all I could see was disbelief and judgement. What had I done. I sat in silence the rest of the meeting as others who were new to the circle told of their journey. At the end of the meeting I quickly left the seeking to find a place to breath and sooth myself. What must my friend think of me, to share something so very deeply personal to total strangers, her new pier group.

The next day to my surprise I was invited to speak on Intuition, at one of Unity’s classes. After the presentation, a woman asked me If I would come to Maui to do healing work on her friend. She paid for my flight and my services. This would be one of many opportunities over the next few weeks to serve, from my heart, more authentically than ever before. Being in Hawaii had a profound healing on and for me that answered the prayer of my heart. I am deeply grateful for all those who touched my life.

Nameste~Mahalo to all of you


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Comment by Jeanne on November 3, 2009 at 5:21pm
Hello Charlene,
I too have inadvertently come to respect crow medicine. If interested... I would love it if you read my crow story... here's a link.



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