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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

To hear the Sun,
What a thing to believe,
But it’s all around,
If we could but perceive.

—Graeme Edge, ‘68

The Sun gives Life to our planet, our gardens, our business, our families, ...indeed every aspect of our life benefits and survives because of our beautiful Star! Every inspiration, every breath, every feeling could not be possible without The Sun! And yet when we express such ideas, there is still a vague sense that one is indulging in some naive, pagan superstition! Sun worship!

Modern science tells us the sun is merely a common, relatively small star offering simply the basics to sustain life. Yet if we examine the origin of most major religions, we find a higher regard for The Sun. After studying the wisdom of enlightened philosophers on this subject, our contemporary notion of The Sun appears to need some updating!

According to Manly P. Hall, “The adoration of The Sun was one of the earliest and most natural forms of religious expression. Complex modern theologies are merely involvements and amplification of this simple aboriginal belief. The primitive mind, recognizing the beneficent power of The Sun, adored It as the symbol of the Supreme Deity. Among all the nations of antiquity, altars, mounds and temples were dedicated to the worship of The Sun.” (Secret Teachings of All Ages, pg. 49)

My research confirms the first part of this statement, however I am inclined to believe that The Sun itself was not being worshiped. At least not by those we now refer to as ‘Initiates’. It was The Light or Sacred Fire which The Sun manifested. “Those who worshiped at the shrine of Fire, did so because to them it symbolized God in the form of Light or The Flame, and was believed to be all-powerful”. (R.S. Clymer, The Philosophy of Fire, pg. 18)

Is it possible we have pre-judged or misunderstood the intentions of our ‘pagan’ ancestors? Or perhaps then, as today there are the majority who worship the FORM, rather than the Spirit, the inner meaning, or feeling, which the form symbolizes. With that in mind, it might do many of us well to examine the EMPHASIS of our own worship. Having achieved the new American Dream by winning the lottery, how many of us wouldn’t place new possessions (form), before service (spirit)?

Evidence of Fire or Light worship through Sun symbolism can be found in the earliest Egyptian cultures; among American Indians; ancient Greece; the Chaldeans; Phoenicians; Persians; ancient Central American cultures; and most of the East Indian as well as Oriental cultures! Even regarding modern Christianity, we find imbedded in its doctrines, the roots of Sun symbolism. As Manly Hall points out, “...nearly all the salient incidents recorded in the Gospels have their correlation in the movements, phases, or functions of the heavenly bodies. The name Solomon, (SOL-OM-ON) is the name for the Supreme Light in three different languages, and JESUS has a Greek numerical value of 888, which interpreted with the science of Sacred Geometry, is a direct and precise representation of The Sun!” (pg. 50)

Even assuming the ancient philosophers regarded The Sun as an expression of The Central Divine Light or Fire, ....their writings suggest a deep reverence I find strangely missing among almost all contemporary theologies, with possibly the singular exception of the Native American Indians! Native Americans express reverence for The Sun, NOT worship!

The reason for the reverence is simply because The Sun is a shining example of Light manifestation, without which we would instantly die! Are not our most respected spiritual leaders vehicles for, expressions of Divine qualities? Still we seem blind to the most obvious and powerful embodiment of Light in our every day life! Could other cultures and traditions possibly have something we might learn from and grow to appreciate?

From David Fidelers’ excellent 1993 book Jesus Christ, Sun of God, (subtitled: Ancient Cosmology and Early Christian Symbology), — we learn “Plato used the image of The Sun to represent the One, the Good, and the Beautiful, the source of existence and Being”. “ the Pythagorean and Platonic schools of Hellenistic Alexandria, The Sun was regarded as the doorway linking together the material and spiritual orders of existence. Helios came to be seen as the heart of the celestial pattern, whose physical aspect was seen as the lower manifestation of a higher principle we may characterize as the Solar Logos”.

“Generally speaking”, writes Fideler “the ancient Gnostics (including early Christians), primarily viewed Christ as an eternal, celestial power, The Logos, with which it is possible to have an intimate, personal relation, since our Higher Consciousness is made in Its image. This realization, of which the mystics speak, is the secret of Initiation”.

To have ‘an intimate, personal relation’ with The Logos, symbolized and expressed by The Sun, it’s necessary to familiarize ourselves with the meaning and the qualities of The Logos. In Sacred Geometry the polarities of existence are represented by the numbers One and Two, symbolizing Unity and Multiplicity. The Many in One. So The Logos, the principle of harmony, mediates between these extremes. The Logos may be recognized as our Voice of Wisdom, or moderation...offering guidance on The Path to Union with The Light of Love!

The precise mathematical equivalent of this principle is the square root of 2, called ‘The Geometric Mean’, and appears as a Spiral. This ideal proportion may be found throughout forms in Nature and within ourselves. Referred to in many cultures as the ‘Golden Mean’, it symbolizes Divine perfection manifesting through our lives in a very real and obvious way - once we know where or how to see It!

It isn’t within the scope of this article to offer much information on how Sacred, or Symbolic Geometry relates to the principle of The Logos and ultimately back to the Sun, but the subjects ARE related in ways I believe the reader would find amazing.

Here are a couple excellent books I can recommend. Light is a Living Spirit, by Omraam M. Aivanhov, and Cosmos in Man, by Torkom Saraydarian. These two great masters offer the following information: Highly advanced Initiates can travel to The Sun, and gain firsthand knowledge of what It really is. They see sunbeams not just as photons, but a source of subtle nourishment we can use to further our spiritual progress. Light IS a living Spirit which comes through the Sun and establishes a direct relationship with our own spirit. We may experience the power of The Sun’s rays, and feel the full force of their purity, their godliness, but it’s necessary to prepare ourselves every day, for our encounter with them.

Aivanhov tells us, “If you don’t prepare yourself, you will be like all the other comatose human beings who let the Sun’s rays pass them by without realizing what wealth they contain. So concentrate on the Sun’s rays: long for them, seek them out, love and cherish them, open up your hearts to them, and you will begin to understand the meaning of creation; your own lives will become creative, meaningful and full of wonder. This is why it is so important for a disciple to learn to work with Light. If you only knew the power, purity, and intelligence contained in just one ray of Sunlight!”

He goes on to suggest we organize our lives around The Light, regularly breathing Light to prepare for meeting The Sun.

“Behind the visible sun is the Heart of The Sun, which is the source of Love - the outpouring Love of the Creator. Hidden behind that Sun is the Central Spiritual Sun, which is the Source of Life. It is all-embracing compassion, and in esoteric literature is called the Great Magnet, or The Great Mother, which continually attracts all Soul Sparks back to Herself! Through this attraction process which we call Love, each Spark, no matter how far away - is attracted to that Central Core, the Cosmic Magnet, which is inhaling slowly, drawing all of us back Home. This is Evolution!” (T. Saraydarian, Cosmos in Man)

Throughout history The Sun has played an important role in our understanding of who or what is Divine! As we consider the perspective of various cultures, we may grow in appreciation for The Sun, who offers a remarkable, inspiring example of radiant, beautiful Light, which can manifest through us all as Love, Freedom and Peace!

Copyright © 2008 Barry Mack

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Comment by Barry Mack on March 28, 2009 at 11:18am
Carlos preaches with his guitar! His music takes us higher than any words ever could. Like a modern day Ahknaten delivering messages from Ra.
Comment by Erin Michelle on March 28, 2009 at 11:11am
I was switched on the moment I touched Carlos. I think he was as surprized as I was when I sent him back the same energy. I wanted to send you two a visual, you have the gift of seeing the big picture. You don't see just the boards, you see the entire stage. Synecdoche. I have some pictures from Egypt I hang above my work table. I'll bet you know the type. My favorite scenes are Ahknaten receiving the blessings of the Sun and the weighing of the feather and the heart. I love to ponder the symbolism. Is the heart light as a feather. Doesn't the jar stack the deck against us? There's a picture made of beads (they catch the light) showing Aurora Borealis gifting humanity with the Feather of Knowledge. The feather is made of Light. I'm wondering if the heart is being weighed to determine how much we have learned. Maybe the jar is a push, maybe it's a kindness. In "The Active Side of Infinity" Carlos Castaneda explores just how we might be controled by the Predators who feed on us. They gave us their brain. Santana/Shaman/Warrior. His touch has made me brave, his music has made me strong, his light has sustained me. I can't wait until he starts to preach.
Comment by Barry Mack on March 28, 2009 at 8:52am
.........thanks Jeanne. Love your comments. I would say the book is aimed at our potential connection with the spiritual universe. The word "natural' has become so freighted with scientific dogma that it doesn't suggest, at least to my mind, conscious Awareness at a cosmic level. But we may be engaged in semantics. I'm sure our perspectives are similar. There is a wonderful Native American gallery here in Oregon and for the first time in 20 years, showed work done by a "Caucasion". Guess who.

In my late twenties, I was sitting outside on a lovely summer day and had parked myself in the middle of a friends garden. After about 20 minutes of meditation the Universe suddenly revealed itself to be ......ELECTRICAL. Everything was alive and buzzing with energy. I remember watching a bee fly by and it appeared as the most magical little creature i had ever seen. It was full of an intensely beautiful, electrical charge. Matter had disappeared. All was energy. As i gazed up at the Sun, i was spellbound as I saw it for the first time as a dynamic, living, Conscious entity........absolutely supercharged with power and Life. We simply have no idea what wonders are in front of us every living second.
Comment by Jeanne on March 28, 2009 at 8:25am
"It is evident that for centuries the human mind has been purposely hypnotized and rendered blind to Earth's, the Sun's and the universe spiritual nature." ...go(o)d stuff. I understand that the book is aimed at our spiritual connection with the natural universe, though I do not see a distinction between matter and energy... other than the way it manifests in our consciousness. Thank-you for introducing me to Omraam. Metta, Jeanne
Comment by Barry Mack on March 27, 2009 at 9:30am
Thank you Jeanne for your thoughtful letters. I enjoy them very much. I was referring to Aivanhov's great little book titled "Toward a Solar Civilization: How to Understand and Appreciate our Solar Being". There are still a few copies left on Amazon. Here's an excerpt from the review by El principe.....................

"This is an unusual publication, a positive uplifting revelation concerning our conscious dynamic star the Sun and its spiritual impact on us and over everything else on this planet.

The author, if he were living from the 6th to the 18th century, would have been burned at the stake for daring publishing such strong and life changing spiritual facts regarding Ra, and its positive spiritual influence on humans, Flora, Fauna, and everything else on Earth, for sure.

It is evident that for centuries the human mind has been purposely hypnotized and rendered blind to Earth's, the Sun's and the universe spiritual nature. "
Comment by Jeanne on March 27, 2009 at 7:21am
I notice that you are also from the land of plenty clouds - Oregon. Yesterday, shortly before reading your blog, the sun broke through and I immediately moved several house plants over to that side of the house and then planted myself directly in the sun's warm rays. It warmed me in body and spirit... then I read your blog. Thanks for the nudge toward solar thoughts and the possibilities of a solar-centered civilization.
Last year I worked on a solar reactor design project... very exciting stuff, yet didn't really embrace the right-under-my-nose potential of "solar civilization." Unfortunately, the organizations paying for and implementing the design services were not American, though eventually everyone should benefit from the development of these amazing systems. Politics has been a stumbling block to the advancement of solar research in the US. Remember when the SERI (Solar Energy Research Institute) funding was slashed? has never regained its momentum. I'm looking up Omraan Aivanhov now...
Comment by Barry Mack on March 26, 2009 at 9:22pm
........been thinking about your comment "Given the choice of a good read or experiencing the nature of reality via a direct subjective meditative journey... I choose the latter." Me too!!!!!! Couldn't have said it better.
Comment by Barry Mack on March 26, 2009 at 12:47pm
Thank you Jeanne! If everyone on the planet suddenly became aware of just how dependent we are on our beautiful Star, and started feeling grateful, blessed and open to the infinite potential of the independent power source, ......we would experience a grand leap forward into what Omraam Aivanhov refers to as a "Solar Civilization". The Light is there, and the Moody Blues poetically sing: "Watching and Waiting".
Comment by Jeanne on March 26, 2009 at 12:17pm
I almost feel like I should apologize for jumping into this mutual admiration love fest... but I won't. Though I truly enjoyed reading your dialogue, almost as much as I enjoyed the "Our Beautiful Star" posting.
Barry, your opening paragraph was brilliant... pulling me into reading the entire article - which frankly, my days of ravenous reading are over. Given the choice of a good read or experiencing the nature of reality via a direct subjective meditative journey... I choose the latter.
Your well written subject matter, the sun, and how "we organize our lives around The Light" is so obvious, yet left unstated, misunderstood. I am grateful to you for shining your light, no pun intended, on this subject.
My nephew recently pointed out to me that my sketch book filled with mind maps, intended to assist with thinking things through visually, is filled with suns. He's right, almost every page has a sun... though all are graphically unique from the others. I guess I cannot see my way through a visual problem solving process without shining the light of the sun on it. Metta, Jeanne
Comment by Barry Mack on March 26, 2009 at 11:51am
Erin, your comments are always so intriguing. Beguiling even. A compelling mix of mystery, passion and just enough grounding to keep me wanting more. And there's no jar that will contain my heart. :)


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