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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

As an Intuitive Life Consultant, I work with people on a daily basis who come to me when they are in pain and confused. They question why their life is not working, what they are doing “wrong”, what is their life purpose, why do bad things happen to good people, and why certain people come into their lives. Feeling punished, they seek my guidance.

In our search for meaning we define our selves by our body, personality and life experiences. It is my journey to assist others to realize that they are so much more than their body and life experiences, for in truth, they are light beings.

Using my intuitive inner guidance I act as a messenger to help them understand why their life has unfolded as it has, with my life experiences,and understanding I help them see their life differently and direct them to a deeper place within them where truth and their life purpose is know. It is for all these highly evolved beings that I have had the honor of serving, that I write this.

Before birth and our entrance on the earth plane we sat, so to speak with a counsel of twelve non-human beings who helped us design our specific contract, goal, life challenges, and purpose for this life time. Those experiences which would facilitate our spiritual growth. The more intense or challenged the life, the more accelerated the spiritual growth.

When Jesus walked the earth he chose 12 disciples or disciplines, at first these were symbolic of the 12 tribes of Israel, and later as symbolic references to the 12 signs of the zodiac. These 12 signs and houses represent the very areas of focus that our counsel orchestrated for us to be experienced in this lifetime.

Our astrology chart then, is a representation or blueprint of our life’s journey. In choosing this path we contracted with other souls, who would show up in this lifetime to help us fulfill this contract. Sometimes their role is to act as support for us, other times to be an adversary.

I believe it is a great honor to be here on earth at this time because we are on the threshold of a remarkable planetary awakening. Some might say, not so, look at the poverty, brutality and disrespect we see of humanity and nature, all across the globe.

I recognize that we live in an idealized world, one that defines success, and beauty by outrageous standards. For those who do not fit in these illusionary definitions, often feel victimized, depressed and a failure.

It is my faith and trust in the process that I am able to see the good. Yes, often times good goes unreported and is over shadowed by the daily news, but it is ours to see beyond this and ask, How does this that appears adverse serve?

My own life journey has taught me to look beyond what seems real, to go deeper within for my answers. This was never so apparent as when I did a walk-a-bout for one year in Australia. Leaving the United States with only a $150 in my pocket, not knowing at the time why I was guided to go across the globe, and, not knowing anyone there, I moved forward in radical trust on this soulful journey.

It was on this journey that my life purpose became clear, and that those who entered it where here for various reasons. In Australia I spent time with an aboriginal elder named Annie. As we sat under a tree on a hot summer day , she asked me,in broken english,Why you here?

I told her I did not know. She threw her head back and laughed. I sung you here. Aboriginal songlines may be understood as ley lines which resonate to a special psychic or mystical energy.

Annie had a vision and saw a white woman coming toward her. In those many hours and weeks I spent with her much of my life came into clarity. It is with this clarity I help others. For those of you who might like to read more of this adventure, I wrote about it in my book, “ Memories of a Mystic”.

So often, when something "bad" happens, it may appear to be meaningless suffering. I believe that most of our difficult life experiences are actually rich with hidden purpose-purpose that we planned before we were born. All of our life's circumstances, relationships, and events were orchestrated by us.

Some people are here on earth for karmic balance, some to serve, others to have victim experiences, others life threatening diseases, experience the loss of a loved one, and accidents. Other challenges, being the parent of a handicapped child, deafness, blindness, drug addiction, and alcoholism.

I hear my clients stories and witness their courage, and struggle to understand. So many have opened with compassion to their life journey and trust that they as a soul created their life blueprint, that the people in their lives, including parents and children, are there at their request, motivated by their love for them to play roles that they scripted.

Much of my life I have been searching, looking out side myself, trying to make sense of my own personal life challenges. I have found solace, appreciation of, and gratitude for my life as a soul-expanding, evolutionary process.

I embrace this truth that I created this reality I live. This is validated for me each time I have contact with those on the other side ,and because it makes the most sense.
Nameste~ Charlene

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