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It is no secret that I am very passionate when it comes to the art of drumming. I have and most importantly continue to dedicate my whole life to study drumming and constantly reinvent myself in the never ending search of different ways to play the drums. And I never seem to tire of that. With that comes also the desire to pass on and share the knowledge I have gained through out my expierence. simply put. I love to teach as much as I love to play. with that in mind I would like to let you know that I am available for private lessons. My teachings are very structured and in addition to "regular" lessons my teachings also include a little bit of philosophy and the spirituality that is so closely knit to the art of drumming. So if you are interested in taking lessons with me or would like a more detailed list of what my teachings include, message me.

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Comment by Jenny Gilbert on February 28, 2009 at 8:47am
Hi Henning, I'm new to this community and was amazed that the first person to invite me to be a friend was a passionate drummer. That's because my only child, Kurt (19) is a passionate drummer and wants to do nothing else in his life. He's self-taught and quite a joy to watch and listen to. He's been playing with a unique Seychelles' band, called Red Trees, which is made up of guys from 4 decades and 4 different countries. The love of music (in this case Rock but Kurt loves all music) is what keeps the magic going. We're setting up a holistic centre in Seychelles and will be inviting visiting guests from time to time (in 18 months time). I think a week of drum workshop would be an amazing experience for the Seychellois. If you'd like to spend a holiday here in lieue of a week's playing and teaching (could we create a special stress-release workshop with you?) let me know. We're currently looking at the program for the first 12 months, commencing July 2010. Thanks for the invitation! Love Jenny


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