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On Feburary 16th 2008 I was reminded why I became a musician and what performing live really is all about. I had almost forgotten. I was performing with eXonda at a small venue called "Lefty's" in a small town called Lindenhurst. I had performed there before on numerous occasions with various acts from R & B bands, Rock bands even Jazz bands. The crowd there is very difficult in the regard that it is made up of the "regular" bar crowd, blue collar workers in there 30's and 40's, young adults that come for the "D.J" in their early 20's and some Town Elders in their 6O's and up. Lindenhurst also is a "white" town so most of the patron's are white folk.

that night in addition to the "regular" audience at Lefty's eXonda's following of course came to show their love and support. making this a very "mixed affair".

eXonda took the stage and immediatly transformed the whole place into a magical world where love and good-time-vibrations were in the air. She managed within minutes to make everybody feel like they are family. Everybody was dancing and smiling and having a good time. right there and then I was reminded how powerful and healing music is. eXonda didn't do it all herself of course. she had Shugaree - vocals and Rashid Amir -rap assisting her in a big way. They did a tremendous job complimenting her in much the same manner, spreading joy and love through music. furhtermore eXonda was backed up by her band Glenn "Papa G" on bass, Jeevan de Sousa on key's and myself on drums in addition to Kevin "the Reverend" Mulligan doing sound. I felt very humbeled and honored to be part of that expierence. Through music there is hope of a peaceful and kind world. Thank you eXonda!

One Love


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Comment by Pamela Whitman on April 4, 2009 at 9:23am
Namaste Henning,

I agree with you that live performance is what its all about as a musician. It is our opportunity to feel that love relationship with our audience. Carlos Santana is a master teacher of this Divine Love exchange. Your music sounds great, Henning. Drummers provide our heartbeat.

Have a Blessed Day,


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