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Protecting the Sacred-Urgent Unified Spiritual Action Needed


Protecting the Sacred-Urgent Unified Spiritual Action Needed
3rd Annual International Indigenous Leaders Gathering
Lillooet, British Columbia
Key Note Summary, Reflections and Discussions
May 30-June 5, 2011

Very Beloved Friends and Relatives,

With heartfelt gratitude to the St’at’imc Chiefs’ Council and Nation, I want to extend a warm, respectful, loving greeting, handshake and embrace to each of you who have gathered here, personally or spiritually, for Protecting the Sacred. Together, we are destined, by the Ancient of Days, to unite, deepen, expand, and empower the healing and transformation process of our Indigenous peoples, our communities and our Human Family in fulfillment of the sacred prophecies of the wise visionaries and spiritual leaders of all our tribes and nations.

As we know, these ancient prophecies clearly promise that after a very long, difficult, challenging and painful spiritual wintertime our Indigenous peoples will fully arise from our suffering and become global leaders in the spiritual transformation, reconciliation and healing of our Human Family. This spiritual wintertime has ended and our long-promised spiritual springtime is now unfolding, with ever-increasing strength and beauty.

In this heartfelt healing and transformation process we are beginning to clearly and fully understand the higher spiritual purpose of our sometimes almost unbearable inter-generational pain and suffering. In our coming together and sharing we will more deeply understand that the great tests, difficulties and injustices we have prayerfully faced, for more than five centuries, have been a spiritual preparation for our local, regional and global leadership role in healing humanity’s hurt, injustice and shame of the past. In this divine process everyone will come to understand, as our wise elders have counselled us that the hurt of one is the hurt of all and the honor of one is the honor of all.

Through healing ourselves, our families, our communities and taking courageous, wise, unified spiritual action for Protecting the Sacred - including ending our unsustainable and war-creating dependence on fossil fuels, and the relentless pillaging and ravishing of the natural resources of our beloved Mother Earth - we will manifest a spiritual path for the healing and unity of all members of the Human Family. In this global process of spiritual transformation there is no doubt that our Indigenous Peoples will become so illumined that we will enlighten the whole world!

The spiritual understanding and awareness that every human being is a sacred, divine being with a higher spiritual purpose, is fundamental to understanding and manifesting the deepest meaning of these sacred prophecies. Not only do we each need to honour, respect and protect our own sacred and divine self, but we must, also, learn to see and experience this same spiritual reality in every other member of the Human Family.

Only through understanding, experiencing, developing, uplifting and manifesting our spiritual nature and capacities as human beings will we be able to fully realize the ancient spiritual truth of the prior unity and oneness of the Human Family. This realization of the oneness and inter-relatedness of all life is the spiritual foundation needed for Protecting the Sacred and for addressing the growing global challenges before us.

This includes respecting and honouring all the different Spiritual Traditions and Sacred Teachings of the Human Family, which help us to become more loving, kind, forgiving, gentle, and just human beings. It is with this spirit of love, respect, truth, and understanding that we need to take those unified spiritual actions needed to preserve and protect the Sacred Places of all members of the human family.

When I travelled to the sacred lands of the great tribes and nations of Israel and Palestine, I prayed at the Wailing Wall, a Holy Place of Prayer of the tribes of Israel for so many centuries, and I felt the Spirit of the Creator. When I prayed at those Holy Places held sacred by the Christian tribes and nations, I felt the Spirit of the Creator and when I prayed at the Dome of the Rock Mosque on the Temple Mount, and other Holy Places held sacred by the great tribes and nations of Islam, I felt the Spirit of the Creator, as I did at the Baha’i Sacred Sites on Mount Carmel.


I equally felt the Spirit of Creator at the Buddhist and Hindu Holy Places that I was honoured and privileged to visit on spiritual journeys to China, India and Thailand , just as I always feel the Spirit of the Creator at the Sacred Places of our Indigenous peoples around the world. These spiritual experiences brought me to the realization that every Holy Place, every Sacred Site, on Mother Earth, is simply a reflection of that Divine, Holy Place that resides in the sacredness of every human heart and soul and that each of us is a Sovereignty, Ancient, Imperishable and Everlasting.

I look forward with the utmost hope, faith and expectation to the day when all of humanity’s Sacred Sites will be considered to be part of the infinite spiritual heritage and divine treasury of all members of the human family and will be governed accordingly, including the City of Jerusalem. That each will become Sacred Places of international peace, and unity, and not the source of war, hatred, revenge, or conflict.

As we have been taught by our wise elders and spiritual leaders, when we fully understand and experience that all members of the human family are intimately related, we will fully realize true peace within and around us. With this realization we will understand that our greatest honour, privilege, responsibility, and meaning are to love, serve, understand, and respect our own sacred divinity and the sacredness of all life. Without this spiritual realization, there will be no ultimate justice, freedom, peace, and the actualization of human rights and prosperity for all members of the Human Family.

Only when our hearts experience the divine reality that there is only one race, the human race, and that Mother Earth is the common spiritual heritage of all living beings, will we then be able to develop the economic, educational, environmental, social and political systems that are life-preserving, life-sustaining, and everlasting. Then and only then, will we be able to eliminate the growing extremes of wealth and poverty that are being supported and fuelled by the devastating global spiritual sickness of unbridled greed, materialism and consumerism.


For a truly spiritually enlightened humanity would never tolerate a world where 80% of our beloved family members live in substandard housing or are homeless, where 70% of our beloved family members are unable to read and write, where 50% of our beloved family members suffer from malnutrition and survive on less than $2.00 US a day, an economically unbalanced world where only 6% of humanity possess 60% of the world’s wealth. A world where our beloved Mother Earth and her many life forms are on the verge of complete destruction. All in the name of economic progress that is fuelled by the very selfish need to feed the never-ending materialistic consumption and unbridled greed of a very, very small minority of our Human Family.

In manifesting the urgent, unified spiritual action needed for Protecting the Sacred, it is important for us to fully understand, from a global perspective, the heart-rending reality of what is happening to our Beloved Mother Earth. Each year we are losing 12 million hectares of forest. This has already reduced Mother Earth’s forests from 6 billion hectares to 3 billion, destroying half of our world’s forests. The United Nations states that two-thirds of all that is selflessly provided by our Beloved Mother Earth to humankind are in decline. Ninety percent of large ocean fish – tuna, marlin, cod, and halibut – are gone. Life around us is disappearing at a rate 1000-times faster than natural extinction; 12% of our bird relatives 25% of our animal relatives and 32% of our amphibian relatives are threatened with extinction in this century.
Scientists have shown that humanity consumes 50% more resources each year than our Mother Earth can replace. Forty percent of the coral reefs have been destroyed. We have dammed 30,000 rivers. We drain aquifers and inland seas, rivers fail to reach the sea, and, yet, we are still continuing to heat up Mother Earth by burning fossil fuels.

At this rate of destruction and devastation there will soon be no life or future left for our grandchildren and future generations. Again, only our immediate, direct, unified spiritual action will turn this around!

To transform and transcend the growing challenges before us and fully actualize the great, promised future before us, we must continue to learn to walk the spiritual path with practical feet and fully translate our dreams and visions into living examples and models of what this promised global change will actually look like. Only by courageously walking the ancient, principle-centred path, the Red Road of our ancestors, and being the change we want to see, will we make the path to a peaceful, sustainable and harmonious future visible.

Fundamental to the fulfillment of our Sacred Prophecies is the healing of our oppression, abuse, hurt, and injustice of the past and present. Only by healing and fully addressing our own abuse, injustice, oppression and hurt can we be assured that we will not continue the same abusive, unjust, oppressive and hurtful patterns of behaviour that we ourselves have suffered from. This will insure that we will have the trust, faith, love, wisdom, unity and undaunted courage within and between us to take the immediate, strategic and unified spiritual actions required for Protecting the Sacred, ending the destruction of Mother Earth and unifying the Human Family, as promised by the Ancient Ones.

The many prophetic signs given to us by our wise elders and visionaries that we are now entering the final phase of the fulfillment of our promised destiny could not be any clearer. We can see them in the natural disasters striking humanity everywhere on Mother Earth, in the changing weather patterns, through the increasing impact of global warming, in our deepening social violence and upheaval, within the growing impotence and disunity of our political systems, and in our deranged and unbalanced global economic systems that are literally teetering on the edge of ultimate collapse.

The spiritual reality is that the materialistic and individualistic patterns and ways of living that have been increasingly embraced over the past five hundred years, are no longer able to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the peoples and living systems of Mother Earth. These pathways of unbridled competition, selfishness, divisiveness, materialism, addictions and greed, as a foundation for living together and with Mother Earth, are simply outworn, unsustainable, spiritually bankrupt and broken beyond repair.

Only by providing positive alternatives to these destructive and inharmonious patterns and ways of living will we restore our families, our communities and Mother Earth, as prophesied. Ultimately, without unconditional love and forgiveness for ourselves and others we will be unable to heal the age old fear, mistrust, greed, selfishness and hatred that are destroying the innermost heart of the human family.

No matter how great the military might or how vast the treasuries, external control, force and repression of the human spirit will not halt the devastation of our current worldwide political, economic and social order and the destruction of our Beloved Mother Earth. Only by following a principle-centred, culturally-based path called for in the 4th Way and other similar spiritually- and culturally-grounded approaches, will we have the penetrating wisdom and vision to be ultimately victorious over the deepening abuse of the human spirit and resulting spiritual sickness that is currently surrounding and invading every human being and human community.

As we move forward in Protecting the Sacred, especially our beloved children, our families, those yet unborn and the natural environment that sustains all life, it is important to note what is being called the, “Arab Spring”. With great respect to all concerned, this people-centred movement that is being manifested by our relatives in the Middle East is not being led by a Gandhi, a Martin Luther King, a Barack Obama, a Stephen Harper, the G8, the United Nations or the World Bank. This movement is being led by human beings who love their children, their families and their communities, people just like us.

This movement and other similar people-centred movements, small and large, are now springing up and clearly manifesting around Mother Earth. They are all another clear sign of the ``Global Spring`` that is emerging, from within, everywhere, all at once, as prophesied.

While being strategically assisted by digital communications technologies, these growing global movements are ultimately being led by millions of human beings, many of whom are living in grinding material poverty, without clean water to drink and adequate housing, food or resources to shelter, to feed or to educate their children. This, as we have personally experienced and witnessed, is the growing material reality, world-wide, of most Indigenous Peoples and Ethnic Minorities, including here on our beloved Turtle Island. But those obstacles have not stopped the people who are rising up and taking leadership.

As long prophesied, these local, regional and global movements are, by and large, being led by the 7th Generation. These emerging generations of our young people now make up the majority of the world’s population.

With this global understanding, the long promised time has come to take immediate, courageous, localized, collective, unified and spiritually-based actions that will end the destruction of Mother Earth. Locally-based, unified and immediate spiritual actions for Protecting the Sacred, that ultimately envision the manifestation of a peaceful, sustainable, harmonious and prosperous world for all members of the Human Family and all our generations, yet unborn.

Through the unfailing power, grace and love of our Ever-Forgiving and Merciful Creator, the time has come for us to fearlessly and courageously free ourselves from every remnant of our hurt and pain and soar together, with the freedom and spiritual majesty long prophesied by the Reunion of the Condor and Eagle. To gracefully enter the Sacredness of the Circle of Life and fully manifest the long promised greatness of our destiny and future. To Protect the Sacred as humble, respectful, just, unified and loving members and spiritual leaders of our Human Family, as prophesy by the Ancient Ones.

With Warm, Respectful and Loving Greetings,

Brother Phil

Phil Lane Jr., Chairman
Four Worlds International Institute
Four Directions International
Skype: planejr1234

Shunkmanu He Miye Lo!

Chanupa Sapa He Miye Lo!

My Sacred Names are a Leader of Warriors Who Takes the Enemies Best Horses and a Sacred Black Pipe Born of Thunder, Lightening and Rain.
And I Stand Fully Responsible Before the Creator for All My Words and Actions.

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Comment by giovanna marino on July 13, 2011 at 8:56am

ciao brother phil,

I'm your sister gio', standing fully responsible....

and trying to do what I can, to make a better world.

I think the point is, once conscious of where we come from, projecting having an open mind and heart. We are one family in this amazing Universe.



Comment by Martha Lucier on July 12, 2011 at 3:36pm
Thank you Brother Phil for sharing this powerful message about the importance of protecting the sacred.  With much gratitude for your willingness to share.  Martha Lucier


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