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Russia to become the biggest World's supplier of organic non GMO food!

Vladimir Putin recently said that very soon Russia would become the biggest World's supplier of organic non GMO food. Below you will find some interesting news confirming that his words come true.  

1. More than 300 settlements (ecovillages) of Kin's domains (family estates) are developing now in Russia. They go natural organic way and use permaculture principles on a big scale (watch the video):

2. Please read this wonderful research about people co-creating their Kin's domains (family estates) in Russia and how they manage to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones - 

3. Learn about benefits of Pinus Sibirica (Siberian pine or Siberian cedar as it is called in Russia)

4. For those of interest: sharing an article about amazing healing properties and applications of natural Siberian cedar resin (Pinus Sibirica turpentine):

5. Heirloom non-GMO seeds from Russian organic gardeners are starting and growing well (see the picture). ))) Select the seeds from the list here:

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