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Self heating tiny house / Earthship for Subzero t°

Hey Folks, My friend Alësha is a Bio-Architect who has created a step-by-step online training in Dome home construction ( as well as Water Self Sufficiency ( He is building a self heating & cooling bio-shelter for cold Canadian and Russian climate ( I wanted to share his vision, that will mitigate deforestation, with our community.

"We practically develop and teach the construction of self sufficient, fireproof eco homes infused with water recycling, food & air producing living machines. The design and various components of our bio habitats are inspired on Biomimicry; from using laws of physics combined with geothermal for heating & cooling to Bio-Geometry & curvilinear catenary arches to provide strength & EMR protection. We inspire our future generations to live in a natural, owner built timber-less* homes that tread lightly on the Earth; replacing firewood with heat from sun & compost, preserving our old growth forests”

Join Bioveda Academy with 1400+ other students and learn from their step-by-step hands-on online video classes (

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