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With the new moon in cancer yesterday brought in was the energy of nurturance....Self tending, Self caring, Self support, Self love and so on.

In such a space one feels safe and secure, trusting all is being cared for and feeling the universal support of all of life.

What better way to be in these times of personality transformation currently evidencing itself everywhere on the planet. In the solitude of Self's own sacred space there one finds all the answers.

IAM observing the arduousness of other's travails resulting from their choices and share compassionate love, yet inner wisdom tells me to stand back for my own sake, allowing them the honour and experience of reaping the rewards of their journey.....(giving thanks meanwhile that had things been different I too may have been in such a challenging space) ...offering encouragement maybe with a smile or a hand on the shoulder but that is all.

Much is discussed about the financial crisis, the housing losses, food shortages, health issues and so on.....all 3D energy stuff resulting from choices made individually and collectively ....and which no longer works so is guaranteed to fail. For this we perhaps should be grateful, yet those going through the mire may not see it this way of course!! Yet it surprises me still how many continue to seek material acquisitions (houses, cars, and such like) in the honest hope that this is what will provide them with that which their heart yearns for....I know they are duping themselves yet it is individual and collective responsibility to reap the learnings of such choices.

Too I observe emotional responses that can only be considered reflective of outer projection through denial, rather than facing inner demons needing to be addressed and released.....there is much evidence even in those of us who are consciously aware who are demonstrating control over others, thus enforcing limitations yet espousing limitlessness, infinite freedom and so on. All is part of the personality transformation occurring now as the releasing and surrendering and so on continues. It is to be expected in this time of transition for the old and new are fluctuating side by side as the birthing process continues. All just is and no judgement or condemnation need apply for it is part of the process of inner (and thus outer) change.

How thankful I am that I began consciously chosing many years ago to bring simplification into my life. For Self's sake, I journeyed the path of freedom from dependence on as much outside of Self as possible to a place now where I own little, have no debts, live a very simple life requiring very little, living in a rented room by the sea happy with all that IAM. I have travelled the world over many years and for now am contented being in one place as I have been for almost 3 years. I live my life as I please and people come to me if they wish to see me. It bothers me little if no one does for I love my own company tremendously. I write, I share I be....Life is grand.

Many years of conscious journeying tells me the road for those souls facing the many changes ahead may not be easy, yet it has been made far easier by those of us gone before, so for now I rest awhile in the heart of all things experiencing the love and peace of my own Self nurturing..

Shared in love joy and freedom, speaking for MySelf Alone

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