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Some Gift of Understanding


Here is Some offering,

Some gift of understanding,

As I greet this day and all it may bring,

I pray that I may meet and be present to

All that comes my way,

With each encounter full of the breath of life.

And open to God’s Love

with great compassion for all

sharing this time and space.

God, may your life embody my Love.

Let your breath fill me with the sweet energy of Spirit,

So I embody your miracle of Being

That allows me to feel that

I am a joyful vehicle for your Light and Love,

Your Spirit here in Form.

May my heart be open to the emotions

That receive the Joy Of Being.

So I may embrace the true beauty of Creation

Alive here in Being human.

Bring me the compassion that carries true understanding,

For each who dwell here seeking, some form of happiness.

May I Release any dread,

release any worry, release any fear.

Let the faith I have in You be the same Faith I have in me.

                   For I know God is with me in all I do.

May I be grateful for Life,

And when I open my arms to the Heavens

May the Spirit of heaven come through me to earth.

                    And May I truly welcome

this precious moment into my heart and soul.

A I greet Who I am

with some gift of understanding.


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