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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Starship 9/9/9: last single-digit date in the Gregorian calendar for a thousand years

On 9 September 2009 at 9:09 PM (wherever you are), we are being asked to spare nine minutes of our time to embed in the fabric of the Cosmic Consciousness an intent to heal and love the planet Earth. We are, as aware humans, being requested to unite in sending waves of "awakening and ascension" intent throughout the globe. Wherever you are and whoever you think you may be, it is no matter. Your intent and nine minutes of your time is all we need.

It helps to light a candle. Bless you for participating.

If you are awake at 9a.m. do the same. If not, 9 p.m. is O.K. It's all good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09-09-09 -

Focus on your Soul, your Inner-Self...

09:00 am till 09:09 am ...Your 9 minutes and thought on Peace...

1) Breathe in and out few times around 08:59 am and light the candle
2) Stay still and focus your attention inwards means let go all thoughts while breathing in and out
3) For next few minutes, focus on peace, you as peaceful human BEING; think about you as LOVE and PEACE
4) Open your eyes after 9 minutes and say thanks...."Thank you, Universe for giving me this life, ability to walk, talk, see, eat, breathe..."

Repeat the same at 09:00 PM till 09:10 PM


Candles have been used for hundreds of years to ask and obtain wishes.

If you would like to focus on specific intents, you can use different candles to help you depending on the intent.

Here is a list:

1 - Silver: re-enforces any wishes supported by the power of prayer and family unity.

2 - White: Purity, Sincerity, Truth

3 - Pale/Light Blue: For exams, financial enterprises, protection.

4 - Dark Blue: To win a case, succeed in administrative matters, success in businesses, grab luck, increase strength

5 - Grey: Stops and neutralizes anything negative (against bad luck)

6 - Yellow: To bring or increase Faith, glory, strentgh of the thinking process, healing acceleration

7 - Light Brown: Attract Prosperity, Financial Gain, Money (in whatever activity you are involved in or from external sources when in need)

8 - Dark Brown: To find a lost one (someone) or something lost.

9 - Black: Absorbes Evil and Dissolves it (Reverses anything Negative and vanishes it)

10 - Gold: Universal protection Candle. This one can replace all others (This is the one I am going to be using)

11 - Orange: Luck, Success, Esteem, Popularity, Fame (Good for Performing Artists)

12 - Parma or Lilas: Favours and accelerates results. Often used in Exorcisms

13 - Purple or Burgundy: Power & Stentgh. Shatters all adverse situations in our immediate entourage.

14 - Red: Passion, Courage, Sexuality, Strentgh/Force, defense against enemies

15 - Old Pink: Awakens tenderness and passionate Love.

16 - Pale/Light Pink: Love, Marriage related tenderness, affection, stable relationships, romantic aspects of Love.

17 - Bright Pink: To solve affection problems/issues. consolidates Love.

18 - Salmon: Increases Physical Strength, preserves great health.

19 - Violet: Favours all undertakings, physical and spiritual healing

20 - Dark or Bright Green: Smooth running of a commercial enterprise.

21 - Light Green: Commercial Success in any field.

Emerald is the color of the heart chakra which is being activated at this time (see many posts or google Mt. Magazine, Arkansas). Every little helps.

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