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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Teacher, teach me


Teacher teach me how to follow your way

On the path that I take here on earth each day.

With the touch of your love that God gave you to bring

To the ones who are here trying to understand everything

Living in the darkness of illusion we can’t see

The way to deal with the pain of humanity.


Teacher teach me how you came to show

The purpose of our time here and how we can grow

In the Patience it takes just to live every day

And the infinite love that we were shown as the way


Teacher do you have a hard time too

In serving God’s Will in all that you do?

In seeing our weaknesses and the harm that we bring

And all the things we do that cause such suffering.


For in the glimpses of heaven that we’ve seen

There’s such beauty such Love in everything

But here on earth we have to deal

With all the darkness and those who need to be healed.


And all the prayers that are said each and every day

For the miracles it takes to just find the way

To try to save this human race

From the ones who have never known your grace.


So here we are on this earthly plane

Remembering the Promises that you made

And how you told us to love our humankind

And how we must forgive them so we can find

 we must forgive and save ourselves to do

the mission you gave us , when we’ve forgotten the rules.


so Teacher teach us, once again

how to live in the darkness and find Peace if we can

and guide us on the path so we might

 remember how to love each other and live in God’s light .

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