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So I noticed this morning my blog site just went over 10,000 views to page. I still don't know how that all works...
Not sure of all of those who are looking in.. but Just a big thank you to anyone who has over the last few years! I appreciate and Love YoU.

When the new morning comes
And we find It’s time to move on
When we look back on our lives here
To see what we have done.
And what might have been if we could have just had the strength
To do all that we could in our time here in this life.

When we look back and have a little compassion for our life
And the roles we had to play in this time here in spite
Of all of the things we thought we had to do
There was always some calling to return home to you

And if our eyes now look up to the mountain to which we must go
And we ask for your compassion and help so we know
That there is always some lifeline you give us to find
A gift to us that leads us on when we have lost our way
And it guides us on the journey we still have to make.

And we lay down our baggage and we leave it behind
And we ask for the ticket to get back and be
Able to make it to reach your light
For I think it’s time to give up the fight

And just say ok, it’s all up to you
To let go and let God lead me in what to do
To Whatever it takes to get home to you

And in the place where I meet and hook up with you
I look back and remember it was all in the plan
And the best is ahead and with you I know I can
For you always did say,
I am with you always, every step of the way.

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