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In July 1969, Apollo 11's Mike Collins found himself circling the moon many times in the Command Module while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were transported to the moon's surface in the Lunar Module. They then spent time there walking on the moon and doing various activities as they were required to do.

Neil and Buzz were in the in the full glare of the public eye in all their procedures on the moon while Mike Collins continued on his alone journey front-side and back-side of the moon till the on-moon-surface procedures were complete.

Mike Collins spent many hours totally alone while on the dark-side/backside of the moon for in this space he had absolutely no contact with earth or any other human being. He was totally alone with himself. How do you think he must have felt?

Back in 1969, I was fairly newly married, aged just 21, and still adapting to my new status. To understand at that time what it must have been like to not be in contact with anyone except Self would have incomprehensible to me. Now it is a totally different story.

I was recently reading about the lives of these 3 astronauts and how their journey to the moon in 1969 afffected each of their futures and it seems that Mike Collins is the one who has fared the best and "survived" life with relative ease.

Armstrong and Aldrin have each, in their own way, been challenged by the experience to the extent that I feel they consider their lives stopped on July 20 1969.....for when you have walked on the moon, at such a young age as they were, what is there left to accomplish? At least in the materialistic approach to life!

Mike Collins, on the other hand it seems, has lived a very rewarding life while it seems that Armstrong and Aldrin rather consider themselves "failures"... no such thing exists of course for it is really just a state of mind.

So it is Mike Collins' experience I wish to focus upon here.

All those hours totally ALONE with himSelf on the dark side of the moon with NO contact with any other human must have had a huge impact upon his person, his soul, his being.

In my own present phase of my journey, I definitely have, at this present moment in time, a preference for little physical contact with other humans unless it is at of own behest.

My life is so very simple with few possessions and requirements. I have no direct phone contact (that is a deliberate choice) and only those I choose to share such information with, know exactly where I am. I am not in hiding in any way, but I do prefer to be alone for now and love my own company beyond all else.

Having been an "out there" person for so long(I am 62), over the past couple of years it has been such a joy to just be with mySelf as far as humanly possible. The living environment I have created for mySelf is ever so conducive to this. I am responsible for and accountable to mySelf alone and, with no dependencies, am free to come and go as I please.

This has given me the pleasurable opportunity of going DEEP within mySelf and enjoy Be(com)ing who IAM at the deepest depths of my Being. A dark side of the moon experience to some extent perhaps, although I acknowledge that such is not fully possible at this time.

Yet still I would love to experience what Mike Collins did even if just for a short while. No, not a trip to the moon but perhaps in a place/space away from all human contact as far as possible, beyond where I am now, just being with me to fully explore Self and It's infinite potential. Presently I could not think of anything grander.

Of course it is not necessary, but it is still a choice I would love to experience. One is never alone of course for all life is interconnected as most of us now know. Yet there is this inner yearning to experience Oneness as OneSelf, fully and wholly and completely.

To do such would, to me, be an ultimate human experience of Self Love. Rather like the experience Collins had those years ago. A dark side of the moon experience, where One is totally alone, I imagine would be a great opportunity for One to Be totally in One's own Self-experience. Here I feel The Unknown One would become The One Known. What a magnificent thought!

Creators we are, so I fully expect such an opportunity to prevail in due process in whatever way the universe brings forth.

So Be It.

Love Elizabethxx

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Comment by Elizabeth Feisst on November 2, 2009 at 2:14pm
Yes Jeanne, that is so of the world but not of it...
Comment by EARA JORDON on November 2, 2009 at 2:06pm
Jeanne, Your first paragraph - How brilliantly and wisely said.
Comment by Jeanne on November 2, 2009 at 7:59am
We are each of us alone... even in a crowd. ...even in a marriage, a family and with close confidantes, there is a great distance between me and thee. The more attuned we are to self, the more able we are to understand others... and the more we are able to see that in spite of our distance and differences, we are inextricably connected.

As to explorations of the moon... I lean toward those skeptical of whether a human walked on the moon at all. And if it was all a hoax... perhaps living with a lie is harder for Armstrong and Aldrin, than Collins. ...if they were were aware.
Comment by Elizabeth Feisst on November 2, 2009 at 5:40am
Thanks Eara.... great space to Be xx
Comment by EARA JORDON on November 2, 2009 at 3:15am
Takes me back. I love seeing Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon Album, I remember it. About being alone with mySelf, I completely understand. I am that way, also.


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