Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Thank you for always being present

the delight is that the light isn't just for me

it would be too much responsibility for me.

speechless i remain recognizing your gift

the goal is recognizing that nothing is a failure

please be as GOD and forgive us for not being enough proud of our poor gifts.

our soul is rich but society wants us to be relyable: it's not with philosophy we gain prosperity but with ACTION inspired by philosophy.

if i look through my life i feel an adamantine wall between what is concrete and what is just fantasy....

too much times i mixed up the two things

the mere reality is hard

i understand your goal Carlos is to be reckoned by as much people possible as a beam of light fountain.....

BUT remember that for many of us your notes are the only not-jarring ones,

in our lifes full of sorrow is easy for dreams to blossom and also fade away....your dream never ends.....during sleeptime i hear melodies COMPLETELY NEW FROM YOU please Carlos continue to play like this.....

the day of judgement is everyday, the day of forgiveness is every day, let's be rebirth in every day.

your life is an explosion but remember that for some of us is an PLEASE us to change direction.

it's not true at all saying we choose our direcion, maybe we chose it considering our auto-censoring that sometimes is better than to grow as a bad reincarnation or grow succesful mantaining our filthy habits.

self implosion isn't just a feeling but is simply my mind that fades by day...another dictature erased.....but also so much grace hidden......sometimes i strongly believe in reincarnation but it's not true i have to suffer for espiating what i did in a wretched previous life......OR i am preparing redemption for my NEXT or PRESENT itself life?

I am not asking to you anything than to play always deeper for us.....

we can't feed every mouth with food even in the third cannot come to me and unfold my don't have got the time and the power to do it.......i have the power to do it better by myself letting me inspired by your deeper for people in jail or people from their own cages to them liberate.

i want to talk about my life: I am cared by sanitary service....i can tell how much sufference there is in it.....wait i'am not asking anything's just my board diary following.

life without pills becomes apathy, long hours in bed without a job and feeling unworthy is hard.

i have got a job and i admire my colleagues wich are very expert in engineering but i am a bit upset i can't do as much as them as long as preision and long term concentration......

wait....i am not asking anything just let it be....

SOCIETY GIVE YOU VALUE IF YOU ARE defect is that i am afraid to be worthy day by day.......medicines, your music help me doing that and to bear that's like i am afraid to grow...but thanks to this state of fact i always remain innocent like a child.....i did bad actions but only for trying to baffle the before mentioned adamantine wall

 the conclusion is that you cannot mend comletely a wound change a river's course prevent from water soaking a can give us confort with your music....PLEASE NEVER STOP CARLOS

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