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The Greatest Love Story Ever Lived ~ To Be Continued


It's all been the greatest love story ever lived and it is only getting greater! This perceived illusion of fear-based living of duality and separation, is based on the greatest Love imaginable. We each chose it. We each lived it. That has got to be a perfect love story! That is Love.

I emailed a friend earlier with some details of the life of a dear soul who crossed over some time back and in sharing his "story" I felt the gratitude of my own "story" that has got me to this point in my life where, like millions of other Souls, I am ready for something new. Yet this being so, the gratitude I felt for my story to Now was genuine for it is this story which is The One IAM expressing, right here, right now. It is the imprinted, being re-imprinted, SoulSelf I am taking forward with me into the New Life. That is Love.

I am ever so grateful for the ride of a Lifetime to Now (many lifetimes within One) yet I know the consciousness shift we are now embracing holds within its midst such magic and magnificence like never before lived. That is Love.

We each agreed to explore as individual SourceSelfed Soul imprints as Creators extraordinaire to manifest the ongoing experience of living life from all perspectives as dualistic, separatist Souls. This chapter is now ending, journey completed.

What greater love has One than to lay down One's Life for One's Friend? And the greatest Friend of All is Self, OneSelf. In so laying down One's Life, it has allowed full exploration of the polarity, dualistic and separative Self to the fullest of experience. That is Love!

For eons in living as we have in the illusionary state of fear and separation, has actually been a Onedrous Love Story. Behind it all at the Core is OneLove, for that is All There Is. Ever expanding, ever expressing, ever creating, ever formulating. Infinite, limitless, eternal, FREE. That is Love.

No One else chose it All for Us. We each chose it All for Us All. What greater Love is there than to have the fullest freedom to choose? That is Love.

The ride has been perfect, creation in all its glory as lived in all the pain and suffering till now we each are and collectively are realising that there is no further we can go with this Love Story, Fear-based chapter. That is Love.

We are each and collectively now choosing anew. A new chapter in the Eternal Perfect Love Story. That is Love.

Sometime back I wrote a Love Letter to MySelf. A dear friend, Marlene, created this video of the Letter:

That is Love

In moving on now from the closing chapter of the Old Love Story, One moves forward freely into the New Love Story. That is Love.

The Gates of OneLove are open wide now for the new Love chapter in the Book of Life we are each and collectively writing to unfold. As we continue on our way, let the glory of it shine in full magnificence and wonder. That is Love.

It's ALL Love, for that is ALL THERE IS.

OneLove, OneSelf as IAM YOUARE.

We are resurrecting, rising, evolving once again as Pure Love.

The One IAM YOUARE is rising!

And So Is It.

The Greatest Love Story Ever Lived ~ to date the perfect experience.

The Greatest Love Story To Be Lived ~ the perfect new experience. To be continued.

Shared in Love as The Greatest Love Story continues


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