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As we move deeper into the greatest universal consciousness shift ever presented us, one can feel more and more the purification of the temple housing One's SoulSelf.

In so doing, transforming the personality residues is a priority and alone is where I wish to be to do so for I propose to work from the bottom up and not from the top down. My understanding behind this is that a house is built from the foundations up and not from the roof down and it aligns with my view that while as above is considered so below, so below has yet to become as above! So the lower portion of my house (body) is what I see needing the work to become as white as the driven snow and to be regarded by me just as sacred at all levels as the upper portion of my house.

With all the societal beliefs and concepts around sexuality and the lower body, the genital region in particular, which still exist on this planet it behoves me to clear my share of these completely so that below IS seen, felt and experienced as clean, pure and holy and my share of societal attitudes I still carry from eons past are fully cleansed.

This I see as a major work in relation to the personality clearance. Hence my choice to do so alone, for it is a very intimate process, yet one which we will all have to move through if we truly wish to see heaven on earth at its finest.

The way forward in this as I see it is getting our heads out of the clouds and down into the dirt, purifying the foundation of the life (lower three chakras) to the extent where they are as pure as lilies...not just physically, but our attitudes of embarrassment, shame, blame, guilt, filth, etc are fully transformed

It has always amazed me the confusion of attitudes surrounding the lower portion of our bodies. We perform the holiest of acts through this area of the body in giving birth to all of human life.

Too, the potentially beautiful union of souls through sexual union is performed through this region also but there are so many contorted attitudes and societal views around sexuality that confusion reigns. And we all carry these to a variety of degrees

Then too we also several times daily perform the elimination of waste through the same region and this too is an action around which exists so many confused and negative attitudes. And none of us are free of this confusion. I could bet my life upon this one!

So if each of our bodies are the Temple of Soul o' Man(kind) then can we each not see how much work there is to do to raise up a pure and perfect holy home in which the fullness of each of our are souls are to reside?

Such a holy temple is build of foundations of purity, trust, transparency, honour, kindness and all other manner of soul qualities pertaining to holiness. These qualities bring forth balance and stability.

As long as one's temple is built on the shifting sands of confused human attitudes of guilt, blame, shame, filth, and so much more, no matter how much heart work we do, the foundations will always be shifty! It is no wonder that the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem continually falls down!! The symbolism is amazing.

So with heads out of the clouds let's get down to the base of life and pull out the weeds of time past. Let's cleanse from the bottom up, literally, so the foundations of the Temple of Soul o' Man are at last of pure stability and in divine balance. Then and only then will this Temple of our's stand the test of Eternal Time and Immortality.

Having long known of my Physical Immortality, I feel I/We each have the conscious awareness and the ability for this to occur.

Shared in Love,


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