Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

I am called to be the messenger, to go out into the by-ways and highways, and bring people into the fold. I am commanded and compelled to do so.

I have a heart for this forum and this people here, because I know people are looking and seeking for a better way, consciously and spiritually and to raise one's self awareness to the source whether they be by spirit guides, and or other realms of spirituality.

I'm giving a calling to all that want to go to the wedding feast of the Lamb. You all know by now and see what is transpiring in the world? It is all around us is it not, the perverse and pervading evils being perpetrated by dark supernatural forces that are at work in this present time.Please be aware this calamities and things, they will get worse, the worst is yet to come.I'm saying this before hand to tell you the good news. The Lord Jehovah is preparing a place for you in a paradise no one can think or imagine.Please please hear oh people's the time is now to give a hearing and to hearken unto the voice of the Lord. Take heed for the day of the Lord is near, where he will draw all men unto Himself. He will come as a thief in the night, many will be eating, and drinking, and given in marriage, then sudden destruction will come. When the people's say peace and safety then sudden destruction will come upon them. Please make a decision for Christ today, your eternal soul is at stake. Hell is real and I don't want anyone to experience hell. Yahshuah died to save us from that horrible place.

A lot of things don't make sense, but this one thing I know is Jesus/Yahshuah is real, and the bible testifies of Him. It is Him and Him alone that paves the spiritual way and truth to the Kingdom of our Heavenly Father.I know I am speaking to someone here. Stop your sorceries, divination, spirit journeys and new agery. Although they help and can be of benefit, It's not the truth, It's false, It is a deception of the enemy to distract you from the truth in Christ, for He is truth.This is very important, make a choice! Turn from sin turn from idolatry and turn to Him I put my trust, and I hope you do too. For without Him there is no other way, he is our only hope.This is it, the time is now, hurry!! This may offend some, but I write to you this urgency of the time cause I love you.Cause I want to see you have a chance at everlasting life and see you on God's golden shore....Shalom

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