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The Music Messiah from Honduras - Wanayran Alvarez Angerer

"Art has been one of those instruments that have helped me to

connect to more people from different social backgrounds"

- Wanayran Alvarez Angerer

Wanayran Alvarez Quioto was born in Tegucigalpa Honduras. Wanayran Angerer is a mystic, artisan, world traveler, mother, international woman's rights advocate, and talented singer. This extraordinary talent has been living in India since 2006 with her husband, son and daughter, performing her delectable jazz routine in clubs and festivals all over Delhi and neighboring eastern countries. Wanny, as she is affectionately known, sings smoky renditions of classics, like Quisaz. When she isn't crooning to international audiences, Wanny is involved in a number of advocacy projects including the use of music and arts as a means of developing self-esteem in children. Wanny was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras into a diverse community that traces its ethnicity to infusions of Spanish, Native Honduran, and African. The amalgamation of culture had a huge effect on Wanny’s philosophy on life, cultivating appreciation of global connectivity from a very early age. No wonder, Wanny left an indelible mark in the memories of those whom she met during her stay in India. Dear Wanny, We hope you come back soon!

Get Talking Rich With Wanayran Alvarez Quioto Angerer

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