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To sell your product or service, is it fair to ‘bitch out’ your competitors?/ Shamshir Rai Luthra & Friends


To sell your product or service, is it fair to ‘bitch out’ your competitors?

“A good vibe is one of the most important things that we all look for. It sets the pace for a great professional or personal exchange. It inspires us to work together, bond better. But in a world of impatient listeners and divided agendas, building a great friendship isn’t easy. Misunderstandings happen. What stops us from sorting them out, is that repulsive after taste left by those unkind remarks... The gift of the gab is a much misused negotiation tool by businessmen and professionals today. That includes the pawn shop owner who’s insecure about the big mall next door, the great promoter who doesn’t want his golden hen to get into the hands of anyone else, and the corporate chief who constantly fears being outsmarted by his juniors. Badmouthed. Bitched out. Weather you can regain your position and win back your followers or not, is entirely up to you…

Join me and my friends from media and marketing for a forum discussion on the ethics of selling!

27th November 2010 at 10 p.m. IST on”

- Shamshir Rai Luthra

Get Talking Rich With Shamshir Rai Luthra & Friends

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