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The Power of Love

Believe in the power of Love
That comes from Center of Light
For we can Bring this love into our being
And use it in our life

This love is in our heart of Hearts
And can transform the way
We see and Feel and Bring ourselves
To each and every day

This Love is the Key you’ve been searching for
And it’s what we all do seek
It holds the very kindness
That the Masters all do teach

So call upon the core within
And accept all that you are
Welcome the Love inside you
That is your very Soul

Stand Naked and hear the calling
That comes from Deep within
Heal the ancient wounds and fear
Breathe deep and let them disappear
It’s time to be alive in Love
And Awaken to the Light that’s here

Become the perfect Love of God
Accept it and do your part
See how it changes everything
When love lives in your heart

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