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To Receive

Upon the Highest Mountaintop
I pause and wait to find
A way to let the Light of God
Reach my asking Mind

In the early hours of Morn
I silently do seek
To be in tune with the Masters Call
And Relay all that they Complete

All throughout the world today
There are the Ones of Light
Who work with Love
To find a Way to share
and follow what is right

As we open up our Souls
And share what’s found inside
We join together to receive
The place where truth abides

Receive the Light that guides us
Open up the door
Be a part of the Ones who ask
For Love and reflect so much More
Make a time to be there
Become one with the Light
Share your gifts with the world
The Time is now
Do all you might
To fulfill your greatest purpose
And be part of the Plan
To lift your heart and your soul
For the greater good if you can

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Comment by Ron Alexander on January 30, 2010 at 12:30pm
It is God's "good pleasure to give us the kingdom". It is our business to receive it.
"Today, I accept this kingdome, and I accept it in its fullness. Because of it, the day contains joy and happiness and is filled with peace." Ernest Holmes


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