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There is a Candle Burning


There is a Candle Burning

For each and every soul.

There is a fire, a spark within.

That’s lit with Life so the Source is known.


The Holy Fire of Creation

The Fire that’s in the Heart of God,

Shines throughout Eternity

To Guide us ever on.


Keep the candles Lit,

Keep the Fire burning Bright.

Let the Darkness fade

And feed the Fire of the Son’s light.


And know throughout the Longest Night

There is a Fire burning just for you.

And in the Hard times you can find it

And it will see you through.


And in the Halls of Heaven,

The Angels keep an Eye,

On every candle burning

And the Life it can ignite.


And every year you make a wish

And blow the candles out,

And every church lights

Candles and on the alter they reside.

So light the candle and feel the Flame

And let it shine so bright.


There is a candle burning

its fire is in your soul.

Til you become the fire

And merge with the flame,

And it’s light in Creation

lives on forever in God’s name.


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