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The Grace of Aloha
There is Grace
That accompanies the Presence,
There is a grace that lets you be
It stills your thoughts and mind.
This grace holds a spirit
That if you let it will set you free.
The Spirit is alive in the subtle things of Life
The way you hold the spirit
Is the way you live what’s right.

The way you bring the Spirit into everything you do
Is just the way that love can live
Within the heart of You.

You can feel the presence,
You can feel the Love,
You can be with this great grace
And it’s blessings from above.
Softly feel the way it moves
Within the morning breeze,
See it in the Sunset
And in the swaying trees.

We are humbled by the power
Such sweet spirit brings.
We are humbled by how we receive
This life force from within.

We can hold the Presence,
We can be full of Grace,
We can let it move through us
And fill our hearts in this very space.
We can share aloha
And the blessings that it brings,
Let us open our hearts and souls
And let this love live in everything

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