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When you are Weary
And when you’re weary at night
At the end of the day
Lay down your body in the arms of the Lord
And restore the strength
Til you find your way

Lay your aching heart
In the love of the Lord
A Love from the Source
That always endures

The Angels protect you
In a Circle of Light
The angels of God
Bring you what’s right

When you’re tired on this journey
When you can’t find the way
Reach out to find me
And you’ll be guided today

Just lay down dear friend
And you’ll find great joy
In the comfort that protects you
While in service you’re employed

Lay your head on my shoulder
And hear my hearts song it takes you to peace
So you may carry on

Long is the Journey that is yet to come
So reach out to me for strength til it’s done
The sweet angels will protect you
their blessings they bring

Breathe your life force with this amazing Grace
Find such sweet love here in this sacred place
Stop all your thoughts and plans
And find the peace in your mind
Deep in the Silence is the Light of the Soul
It brings you pure energy til once more on your journey you go

And in the Morning you’ll awake and be
Full of the Love and Light that dwells with me
So lay down in the Night in the arms of the Lord
And awake in the morning and you’ll be restored

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Comment by Lorenzo Abbiati on November 28, 2010 at 11:27am
wonderful lines:
when you are weary
it's because you're on the way
it's hard to win life in many ways
essence of love is also simply being
when you are weary
is in that moment groovy
that you are still growing

life is a ladder way
and it's normal your muscles are always in tension
even if you don't seem growing.
All the best peace and love.
when you are weary at night
sleep will lead you allright.


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